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Last night, before the State of the Union speech, Cong. Green tweeted a photo of himself and Cong. Luis Gutierrez and called Adrian Garcia the “deporter-in-chief”. Now I guess they deleted their tweet. Never mind.

In what venue was the first West Coast World Serious game played in?

Kuffer has a take on the CD 29 race today. Here are parts:

I’ll say again, as with just about every election involving an incumbent, it’s about whether the voters want to replace this person with that person. They’ll have their own criteria for that. This district was drawn to elect a Latino, and the historic nature of Adrian Garcia being elected may well sway some folks, but Gene Green isn’t a 20+ year incumbent by accident. He’s popular among the voters in CD29 and he will get plenty of Latino votes – he’s already received a lot of institutional Latino support. I’d be wary about drawing any conclusions about “the power of the Latino vote” regardless of the outcome in this race.


Of course, Democrats broke records for primary turnout in 2008, with over 400,000 March ballots being cast in Harris County. With Clinton/Sanders likely to be still burning bright, I’d expect decent turnout in the county, though not at that level. Maybe 200,000 overall? That might be high, but I don’t think it’s out of the question. I’m totally guessing. Whatever the case, I do agree that CD29 will be leading the pack.

Here is all of Kuffer: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=71956.

It all depends.

From ESPN:

ESPN announced today its new Sunday Night Baseball team, which will debut at the start of the 2016 Major League Baseball season. Dan Shulman, the voice of Sunday Night Baseball, will be joined by newly-named analysts Jessica Mendoza and Aaron Boone, and returning reporter Buster Olney. The quartet will make its regular-season debut on Sunday Night Baseball, April 3, as part of ESPN’s exclusive Opening Night coverage of the World Series rematch – New York Mets at World Series Champion Kansas City Royals – at 8:30 p.m. ET.

Mendoza made history in 2015 by becoming the first female analyst for a nationally-televised MLB postseason game (AL Wild Card Game on ESPN), and the first female ESPN MLB game analyst. Mendoza regularly appeared on Sunday Night Baseball with Shulman and Olney during the stretch run of the 2015 season and also worked a Sunday Night Baseball telecast alongside Boone.

Way to go, Jessica Mendoza!

The first ever World Serious game played on the West Coast was played at the LA Memorial Coliseum of course in 1959. The Dodgers beat the White Sox in six.

Just salary stuff from The Yard today.

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