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Nice Turnout

This was expected. Check these stories:



All I can say is the more noise in CD29, the merrier.

It was SRO last night at the GLBT Political Caucus meeting. Maybe that bodes well for turnout in the coming primaries.

Jim Edmunds who received 11 Hall of Fame votes and Brad Ausmus who got none won’t be on the ballot next year. Of course, we all remember the Edmunds snag of an Ausmus shot in Game 7 of the 2004 NLCS. Name the other players on this year’s ballot who also saw action in the 2004 NLCS?

Jeff Bagwell missed getting into the Hall of Fame by 15 votes. I agree with those who say that if Bagwell had played in New York, Boston, or LA, he would have already been in the Hall. He should get in next year.

How about this tweet:

Jim Bowden‏@JimBowden_ESPN 34m34 minutes ago

Jeff Idleson, President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame left open the possibility of Ken Griffey Jr. hat being on backwards on plaque

A few seasons ago, Dante and I were at The Yard. Dante was asked to be the kid that says “let’s play ball” right before the first pitch. We were ushered down to field and Dante had his lid on backwards. ‘Stros great Jimmy Wynn walked by and asked Dante if he was going to do the “let’s play ball.” Dante said yes so Wynn then told him to wear the lid correctly out of respect for the game.

I am thinking Ken Griffey Jr. will also wear the lid correctly on his plaque.

Jeff Bagwell, Roger Clemens, Jeff Kent, and Larry Walker of course were on the Hall of Fame ballot and also saw action in the 2004 NLCS.

Nothing from The Yard today.



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