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It looks like it is going to be close. I am talking about Jeff Bagwell getting into the Hall of Fame today. According to the ballots (roughly 1/3) that have been made public, Bagwell is at a little over 79% and you need 75% or better to get in. I plan to be watching the MLB Network today at 5 pm when the results are announced.

How many times did Bagwell play in all 162 games of the season?

It looks like the media is giving Hunker Down a pass on going public with the names of the dignity violators. Whatever happened to transparency? If Hunker Down has disqualified three to five Precinct One Commissioner wannabees, I think we are entitled to know the names – don’t you? I would also like to know the timeframe of the dignity zone. When was it appropriate to approach Hunker Down about filling the vacancy without getting disqualified?

This is from an article today by Rebecca Elliott:

When Harris County Commissioner El Franco Lee died unexpectedly Sunday, he left friends and allies in mourning, political hopefuls jockeying for his job and an uncommonly large campaign war chest of nearly $4 million.


And here is from Kuffer today:

And speaking as a precinct chair in Precinct 1, I agree with Campos about knowing who the eagerest beavers are, so I can take that into account at the CEC meeting when we decide who the nominee will be. I’m already dreading the emails and phone calls I expect I’ll be getting in the months ahead. But as long as we’re discussing this, let me say that one of my priorities for a new Commissioner is someone who will pledge to work with the local party and candidates to support GOTV efforts. With great power comes great responsibility, and all that. KUHF and PDiddie have more.

Here is all of Kuffer: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=71814

Hopefully, Kuffer’s colleagues will listen to him and get in writing from the next Commissioner that he or she is going to put some of their campaign funds into GOTV efforts. GET IT IN WRITING, PLEASE!

Jeff Bagwell played in all 162 games of the season four times of course: 1992, 1996, 1997, and 1999.

Good luck today, Jeff Bagwell!

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