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The Abuela Vote

I was absolutely shocked to hear about the passing of Harris County Commissioner El Franco Lee. His service will certainly be missed. Unassuming but always getting the job done. He was a great guy.   I was a fan of his for sure.

I met him in the mid-1970s. He was one of Mickey Leland’s guys and he ran for Mickey’s State House seat when Mickey ran for Congress way back in 1978.  What a loss.

The Mayor was sworn in a couple of days ago. Today at Jones Hall, the inauguration ceremony will take place. I will be there.

Columnist Ruben Navarrette, Jr. jumped into the Hillary and abuela thing. Oh, brother!

Here is how he starts his column:

If Hillary Clinton plans to mislead, malign and manipulate her way back into the White House, I’d appreciate it if she’d leave my grandmothers out of it.

For Latinos, our abuelas are sacred, and we’d rather not see them turned into political props. The Democratic front-runner and her campaign recently made a condescending attempt to convince Latinos that La Hillary is just like us. Or rather just like our grandmothers.

Don’t go there.

I don’t think this fella likes Hillary and now has an excuse to pile on. My mom is an abuela and she intends to vote for Hillary. My sister is an abuela and she is going to be supporting Hillary.

I am kind of thinking that Hillary will probably win the abuela vote.

I am also kind of thinking that non-Latinos think their grandmas are also sacred.

This was in Politico this past weekend.

Top 9 primaries to watch in 2016

Texas’ 29th District: Democratic Rep. Gene Green

However critical the Latino vote has become in some states, there’s still more potential than actual political influence in the population. Former Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia hopes to show that 2016 is the year that will change. He has no policy quarrel with Green, but Green’s Houston district is nearly 80 percent Latino, and the two-decade incumbent is white. Garcia’s made his Democratic primary expressly about identity politics, and if he can activate a new pool of voters, he could surprise Green. In response, Green has been aggressively touting support from Latino leaders who have worked with him for years. It will be Garcia’s daunting task — one that has fazed many Latino candidates before him — to mobilize Hispanics who do not often vote to support his campaign.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/01/senate-house-primaries-to-watch-2016-217118#ixzz3wBc1Xbsr

I am passing on the MLB question today and there is nothing to report from The Yard.


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