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And on Christmas Eve Donald Trump still holds a double digit lead in the latest national poll. You have to wonder who will bow out first, Jeb! or Christie. I am not ready to start thinking who Ted Cruz will pick as a running mate. Having a Latino as the GOP nominee for president would certainly pressure Hillary into selecting a Latino VP – don’t you think?

The Houston Press has their favorite Texas political stories of the year. Here they are:

  1. Rick Perry wasn’t crazy enough on the presidential campaign trail
  2. Ted Cruz, a viable presidential candidate? 
  3. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, the caricature of Texas politics
  4. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s lackluster year
  5. State Rep. Molly White becomes loudly anti-Muslim

I would have put Ted Cruz as the top story.

Here is the story: http://www.houstonpress.com/news/our-favorite-texas-political-stories-of-2015-8013481.

I wonder if they will put out an H-Town favorites or top political stories. Certainly the mayoral contest and the HERO would be up there. I am biased on this but I would put Karla’s win up there too.

That’s about all I have to say about politics until next Monday.

Next season will be our seventeenth at The Yard. How many winning seasons versus losing seasons have we had during The Yard era?

Commentary is a lousy wrapper of Christmas gifts.   It is like I wrap with ten thumbs. I use way too much wrapping paper and scotch tape. I can’t even make the gift in the decorative bag look good. I mean, how much skill does that take? I lack the touch. Oh, how I miss Bethany and Marisol during the Christmas season. Hey, it is the gift that counts – right?

Commentary let my family know that I am good with sweaters. I have plenty of nice, cool, and warm sweaters. ‘Stros gear is another matter. No lids though. I like mine size fitted.

At around 12:20 pm yesterday, Commentary lost email contact. Turns out an oversized train took out some utility poles and in the process took out the server feed – drats! I got it back last night around 11 pm.

It will be tamales front and center in Baytown tomorrow.

Since moving to The Yard in 2000, the ‘Stros have had eight winning seasons and eight losing seasons of course.

I forgot to mention that the ‘Stros will finally be back on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball on April 24 versus the Red Sox at The Yard!

If you are out tonight, be careful out there.

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”

Merry Christmas!

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