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Wrapping Up

It is two weeks from Christmas Eve. It is two days from E-Day. Things are wrapping up.

Let’s see. The Turner campaign puts Linebarger in their ads against Bill. Linebarger is a Turner law firm client. Turner drops by the Linebarger Christmas party last night. That’s politics.

The Houston Press is not impressed with the race though. Here is what they had to say:

In its rather backhanded re-endorsement of Turner, the Chronicle editorial board reiterated there’s not much separating the two candidates—other than Turner’s willingness to sling dirt, that is. The board ultimately threw its weight behind Turner, saying his “political skill” is needed to tackle, among other things, the detente on pension reform.

Maybe Turner really can bring the unions to the table and convince the legislature to give Houston back local control over its public employee pensions; maybe, as King’s camp warns, he’s just too close to the unions to score anything other than token reforms that fail to address the slow-motion train wreck headed our way.

But it all just makes for an election that’s very hard to get excited about. 

Stay tuned!

At the MLB Winter Meetings, teams are expressing an interest in SpringerDinger. Did SpringerDinger have a post season dinger this past October?

BTW: There is another Garcia running in CD 29 so we could have two Garcias in the race.

The Golden Globes are being announced and once again I am clueless on who and what is being nominated. My shows for the most part are not on the nominations list.

SpringerDinger got a dinger against the Royals in the ALDS of course.

It looks like we got us a bona fide closer. Welcome to H-Town Ken Giles. Here is from Richard Justice:

Giles is 25 years old and relies on a fastball/slider combination. His fastball was clocked consistently in the 97 mph range and regularly ticked 100 mph. In two seasons in the big leagues, his ERA is 1.56. Among all big league relievers, only Wade Davis (0.97) and Dellin Betances (1.45) have been better. In fact — and this one will impress your friends — that 1.56 ERA is the lowest in baseball history among players with a minimum of 100 innings pitched.


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