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Strategy and Tactics

It is a night I will never forget. 35 years ago tonight when watching the Patriots and Dolphins, Howard Cosell told us that John Lennon had been murdered. I was stunned. The rest of the night I played Beatles tunes.

This has “dumb move” written all over it. A D.C. based group put in an open records request on the six members of the H-Town City Council who voted against the HERO – nine days before the election. Talk about getting some voters stirred up and motivated. Council Member Michael Kubosh will be holding a press conference today to further heat things up.

I don’t know about this move. I might have waited until after the election to file the request. Why get one side of an issue to get all worked up.

This was sent to me yesterday:

On December 3rd, 2015 the Campaign for Accountability headquartered in Washington D.C. filed an open records request for all communications between the 6 Council Members that voted against Mayor Parker’s equal rights ordinance and numerous other organizations.  Specifically, they have asked for communications between Council Member Kubosh’s office and 51 other individuals and organizations. See attached document. 

Their goal appears to be to harass and intimidate all elected officials who voted no on the Mayor’s Equal Rights Ordinance.  The equal rights ordinance was overwhelmingly rejected with 61% of Houstonians saying no to the Mayor’s Ordinance. Council Member Kubosh who received 109,985 votes in that election was one of the Council Members who voted against the Mayor’s Ordinance. 

Council Member Kubosh issues the following Statement: 

“Those that voted for the equal rights ordinance were rewarded with a bottle of Wine from the Mayor those that voted no were rewarded with an open records request which requires the Council Members employees to devote countless hours going over 10’s of thousands of emails. 

This type of attack is an overt way of not only intimidating elected officials but also anyone who has participated in the petition gathering process.  These actions trample on democracy and the will of the people.  I believe that this out of state group is attempting to set up a civil rights lawsuit against the City of Houston and I am calling on Mayor Parker to publically condemn their actions.” A press conference with Council Member Kubosh will take place in the rotunda on the first floor of City Hall. 



Was it a California red?

Former ‘Stro Jason Lane is now a Brewers coach. Lane was part of the 2005 World Serious team. How many post season dingers did he have as a ‘Stro?

On a more positive note, the following is nice. I just hope she doesn’t get the treatment from the usual suspects:

Mayor White’s city finance director, Michelle Mitchell, today announced she is endorsing Bill King for mayor.   

“Bill King was one of the very first to recognize that the City of Houston is on an unsustainable financial course, especially as it relates to its pension systems,” Mitchell said. “He has thoughtfully and responsibly considered how to address the financial challenges the city faces without breaking its promises to existing retirees and employees, and he is my clear choice to get City Hall back on the right course with respect to its finances.” 

Ms. Mitchell served as the City of Houston’s finance director from 2006-2010 after a distinguished career at the blue chip investment banking firm Goldman Sachs. 

“The Turner campaign’s recent report that describes our pension system as ‘pay-as-you-go’ reflects a fundamental lack of understanding of Houston’s current pension dilemma,” Ms. Mitchell added. “The net effect of the current system is that the city is financing its $4 billion in pension debt to the three pension plans at an interest rate of 8.5 percent.  There is no question that refinancing this debt in the bond market, as part of a comprehensive resolution of the pension issues, would save Houston taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.” 

King noted Ms. Mitchell joins over 100 CPAs and top finance leaders throughout the city who are endorsing his candidacy over the career politician he is opposing. 

“To have this endorsement from Mayor White’s finance director, a true professional I have long respected, means a great deal,” King said. “As important as anything, it means that the course I have laid out is the right path going forward for our city. Coming on the heels of my opponent’s failure to deliver the pension solution he promised earlier this year — his failure to clean up the mess he helped create — it also means a vote for our campaign is the only clear choice for a workable solution to our approaching financial crisis.”

Jason Lane had four post season dingers of course. One against The ATL in the 2004 NLDS, two against San Luis in the 2005 NLCS, and one against the White Sox in the World Serious.

The team is trying to make some deals.


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