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Five Days

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. Seventy-four years ago. It hardly gets a mention these days. I’ll give my Dad a call today or maybe drive on over to see him.

This is a line from Pulitzer Prize winning Lisa Falkenberg’s column yesterday:

So, we have two moderate, compassionate, qualified, law-abiding candidates in a runoff.

I guess she gets a pass from the usual suspects.

Everyone knows that Commentary doesn’t approve of taking down your opponent’s political campaign signs. The yard signs nearly cost three bucks apiece and the 4x4s over ten bucks each. This morning at Ripley House and at Moody Park Bill King’s signs disappeared. Same for Karla’s opponent. Go figure because I am not.

The Big Puma was a starter for the NL All Stars in 2004 and 2008. What positions did he play in those games?

Commentary’s mug was on TV behind moderator Len Cannon during the Saturday evening debate on Channel 11. Hey, it was assigned seating.

No more televised debates. That’s it. No more forums either – I think.

Only five days left.

I am thinking a lot of H-Town folks will be spending New Year’s Eve in The ATL. That’s a good thing.

The Big Puma started in center field in the 2004 All Star Game and started at first base in the 2008 game of course.

Nothing from The Yard this morning.

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