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Poll the Boat

I don’t really know about Max Stassi as our next backup catcher now that Panda Crusher is gone. How many at-bats does Stassi have as a ‘Stro?

The Bill King campaign keeps hearing we are ahead or tied or it is close. I am really not that surprised. If you get out into some ‘hoods, folks are concerned about illegal dumping or a city government that has forgotten about them. Yet some folks would rather discuss the name of a boat and the kitchen sink is now in the game. Here is part of what came into the Bill King inbox yesterday:

The Houston Realty Business Coalition (HRBC) released a poll of 300 active voters today measuring support of Mayoral candidates in the December runoff election.  

“Bill King has built a broad base of support throughout the city of Houston,” said Chairman Alan Hassenflu.  “Bill King is the only candidate offering thoughtful solutions to the fiscal disaster facing the city of Houston.  King’s message of getting back to basics has earned him the support of our organization and is resonating with voters who are concerned with the current fiscal crisis facing city hall.” 

The survey shows voters across Houston are seeing past Sylvester Turner’s negative campaign and looking towards Bill King to fix the city’s financial mess.  Only 9% of Houston voters say they have yet to decide who they will support in the upcoming election.   

Founded in 1967, HRBC, comprised of top business leaders, has become Houston’s Premier Business Coalition by supporting public policy, elected officials and candidates for elected office that promote its core values of limited government, capitalism and private property rights. 


In the upcoming runoff election for Mayor, if you had to choose, would you be voting for Bill King or Sylvester Turner? 

Bill King                  48%

Sylvester Turner       43%

Undecided                  9%

The State Rep. Sylvester Turner campaign then put out their poll. Tell them to send it to you.

Here is a bit of what Kuffer said:

HRBC had the one poll from the November election that correctly had HERO losing, and they were the only pollster to show King with a clear lead over Adrian Garcia. As such, I would not dismiss this result.

We will certainly know eight days from tonight.

There is another televised debate tonight on Channel 2 and one tomorrow night on Channel 11 and I wonder if the boat will be discussed.

Don’t worry. They didn’t shout “stop the presses!” I’m talking about the Mayor endorsing Sylvester yesterday.

Max Stassi has been up in the bigs for a few games over the past three season and he has 42 at-bats, a .357 batting average, and 1 dinger of course in 21 games.

That’s all I have from The Yard.

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