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The Week

Last night Commentary watched “The Hunting Ground” on CNN. I highly recommend.

Then I switched to the AMAs and saw them perform the “Star Wars” theme. I don’t know about that.

On Opening Day in 2014 against the Yankees at The Yard, who was our starting shortstop?

This is a kind of interesting political and campaign week. Folks are starting to focus on Thanksgiving Day and the holidays and Early Voting in Person starts in nine days. Only in H-Town.

The cavalry, err, Texas Democratic Party, is swooping in today. Here is from a press release they put out yesterday:

The eyes of the nation are on Houston as Houstonians choose their next mayor on December 12. The stakes are high in this election, either a Texas Democrat or a Tea Partier will run the fourth largest city in the country.

Huh! Some folks are predicting a 20% turnout. That’s not even the eyes of H-Town.

And more from the press release:

On Monday, Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa and Harris County Democratic Party Chair Lane Lewis will formally endorse Sylvester Turner, the next Mayor of Houston.

There is an interesting conversation going on in some H-Town communities on the mayoral race and it is certainly not about Tea Partiers. Oh, well.

Then this from Politico today:

Republicans are nearly three times as angry at the government as their Democratic counterparts, according to the results of the latest Pew Research Center study out Monday.

I don’t think they needed a poll to figure that out.

Our 2014 Opening Day starting shortstop was Jonathan Villar of course.

We traded Villar away last week.

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