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Ballot Winner

The Big Puma says he was persecuted for being anti-HERO. Aww!

What did he expect after weighing in?

How many times was The Big Puma an All Star as a ‘Stro?

Doug Miller was the winner of The Roundtable 2015 Ballot Election Pool followed closely by Miya Shay for the number two slot. Now I have to go ask them about local politics for the next year.

Here is a headline from the front section of today’s Chron City State section:

Well-known name, aggressive campaign helped Davila defeat HISD trustee

Davila’s win aided by anti-HERO turnout, smart campaign strategy

Here is the article behind the paywall: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Well-known-name-aggressive-campaign-helped-6611262.php.

One of our city’s smartest politicos told me yesterday that Diana was no pushover. I have to agree.

I am thinking that she knows what has been said and written about her lately. She will be OK. I will even say she is probably what is needed on the HISD Board these days. She’s smart.

Same goes for Jolanda.

All of us need to be paying attention to what is going on at HISD.

The lead story in the Chron today is on the HERO’s demise and the bathroom ad. Here is from one of the stories:

The pro-HERO campaign relied in part on outsiders to shape their message. They brought in national and state American Civil Liberties Union and Human Rights Campaign staffers to help spearhead the effort along with campaign manager Richard Carlbom, a strategist from Minnesota who led the state’s recent marriage equality campaign.

Their opponents, however, relied mostly on local activists, helped in part by the Houston Area Pastor Council, which urged local ministers to speak out against HERO from the pulpit. They also were the first to hit the airwaves in mid-August, and their ads aired on several historically black stations.

Of course, most of the local pro-HERO operatives were already committed to local races.

Here is the deal plain and simple. Don’t blame the thousands of Dems who voted against the HERO. H-Town City Hall should take the full blame for bungling this deal – period. That is all the analysis you need.

The Big Puma was a five time All Star as a ‘Stro of course.

Nothing to report from The Yard today.

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