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Any Bets?

The Royals won it all and I will not be one of those that talks about the eighth inning of Game 4 of the ALDS over at The Yard on October 12. Name the player with the most base hits in the 2015 Serious?

The analysis is over. Any bets on the outcome? I guess if you filled out The Roundtable ballot you kind of predicted what is going to happen in the citywide races. Of course, The Roundtable ballots are not subject to an open records request. We will only know who the winner picked. Some news media outlets have quoted some folks on the mayoral and HERO contests, but that’s about it.

Some groups and individuals have put out their endorsements, recommendations, and slates, but those are not predictions.

Not a lot has been said about what might happen in the other races down the ballot.

For instance, it looks like the HISD Bond program has some budget issues. Does this impact the race between incumbent Juliet Stipeche and former Trustee Diana Davila? How about incumbent Manuel Rodriguez?

The Stipeche – Davila race is kind of interesting. You usually have a candidate who has lost a seat to come back and try to win their old seat. This isn’t the case.

Diana first won that seat in 2003 by beating 3 other opponents in an open district position taking close to 60% of the vote in the first round. She won reelection in 2007 and didn’t have an opponent. She resigned in the summer of 2010, so she has never lost out there. District VIII was changed some after 2011 redistricting but not significantly.

Juliet Stipeche ran to fill the vacancy in the 2010 general election. A runoff was held a few weeks later between Stipeche and Judith Cruz. It was the only race on the ballot and around 2000 plus showed up to vote and Stipeche won by 42 or so votes. Stipeche had an opponent in 2011 and won with 58% of the vote.

I said Friday that I am one of those that doesn’t underestimate the Davilas. They have their own way of conducting their campaigns and it has worked. This time they have put out some mail, they have yard signs in some yards, they have big signs, and I have seen evidence of them going door to door. So they are having a conversation with some voters.

They have been able to be successful without your help or mine. We will see.

Here is a part of yesterday’s Kuffer on turnout:

Along these same lines, the effect of higher than usual turnout on the other citywide races, for Controller and At Large Council seats, is very much an open question. What do voters do when they don’t know the candidates, as will often be the case in these races, since it costs a lot of money to really get your name out there? I suspect that more than the usual number will skip these races – undervotes in the 30% range or higher, perhaps – and some will pick a name that sounds familiar to them.

In 2009, here was the undervote in the open seats: District A – 18%, District G – 23%, At-Large 1 – 28%, and At-Large 4 – 28%.

Serious MVP Salvador Perez had a Serious leading eight base hits of course.

MLB baseball returns to The Yard in about five months.

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