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Ballot History

The Mets won their first World Serious in 1969. Name the 1969 World Serious Mets players who are in the Hall of Fame?

Commentary hasn’t spent a whole lot of time talking about the H-Town City Council District H race for obvious reasons. I will talk about ballot history though. Does it matter? Commentary is talking about the current election and folks that have been on the ballot in past elections.

Roland Chavez ran for an At-Large position two years ago. Does that help? Karla Cisneros has run successfully and served before. Ditto for Abel Davila. Plus his wife Diana is also on the ballot this year and they have a pretty good record on Election Day. I am one of those that doesn’t underestimate the Davilas. Jason Cisneroz doesn’t have a ballot history but he has been closely involved with the last two District H city council members so that does help?

Speaking of, I got another Tom McCasland mailer yesterday. But he is going up against Harris County Dem Party Chair Lane Lewis and HCC Trustee Chris Oliver who both have past successful ballot history. On the other hand, Griff Griffin probably has way too much ballot history.

I really don’t have anything to say about yesterday’s Early Voting totals other than to say that today’s will be better.

Rebuild Houston took another hit in court yesterday. The judge ordered another election. Here is how the Mayor responded:

We are disappointed with the court’s ruling and are considering our legal options, including a possible appeal. This case places at risk the voter approved amendment to the City Charter that prohibits the City from using debt financing or spending the drainage fee on anything other than street and drainage improvements. Those two issues have nothing to do with whether the city is able to continue the Rebuild Houston program and the collection of the drainage fee. The ordinance remains valid and in effect.

And here is from the Chron:

Whatever effect the ruling may have on next week’s mayoral race is not likely to be felt until a probable runoff, said Rice University political scientist Bob Stein.

With the drainage fee in jeopardy, candidates will be forced to stake out a position on the contentious issue of whether they would take the fee back to voters and if they would modify or abandon the larger ReBuild program, Stein said.

In the last few days before Tuesday’s election, with six top candidates still jockeying for term-limited Parker’s seat, Stein said, it is unlikely to immediately force any meaningful debate.

“The good news is, this will focus the runoff campaign on really serious issues,” Stein said. “It’s not just a drainage fee; it’s something that links to recent flooding and the quality of the roads. The candidates are going to have address it.”

It will be a good topic of discussion in the runoff for sure.

Hall of Fame greats Tom “Terrific” Seaver and Nolan Ryan of course played for the Mets in the 1969 World Serious.

Here is from the ‘Stros website:

Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel, catcher Jason Castro and second baseman Jose Altuve on Thursday were named finalists at their positions in the American League for the Rawlings Gold Glove Award, given annually to the best fielder at his position in each league.

The winners will be announced Nov. 10 at 6 p.m. CT on ESPN.

A win would be glovely.

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