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2 Days

Commentary said this yesterday:

Commentary makes it a point to put a phone number on campaign literature in case a voter wants to ask a question or wants a yard sign. Guess what? We do get calls.

Many of the calls are in Spanish. Some of these folks are asking where the candidates stand on Proposition 1?

The pro-HERO folks have raised more than $3 mil since mid-August. I sure hope they bought some TV ads on Univision and Telemundo. They certainly had the money. If they didn’t, I don’t think that was too smart.

It turns out they didn’t. Really? Blunder?

I mean, they had Council Member Ed Gonzalez in an ad. You could have asked him to stick around and cut an ad in Spanish. Ed speaks good Spanish.

Adrian Garcia ran Spanish language ads and should have and he had the money to do so. I would not have recommended it for his opponents.

The pro-HERO folks had $3 mil and they should have run some Spanish language TV ads – period.

If HERO wins, not running Spanish language ads will end up not being a big deal.

If it loses in a photo finish – well.

If HERO wins, maybe Telemundo and Univision ought to be the first file a complaint with the OIG against the pro-HERO campaign for discrimination.

The Royals lead 2 zip in the World Serious. When was the last time we had a Serious sweep?

I got another mailer yesterday from the CWA slamming Adrian Garcia. That’s two slams in five days. This time it also went to non-Spanish language surname households. Oh, well.

And then this from Rebecca Elliott and houstonchronicle.com:

Former Houston Mayor Bill White publicly praised Adrian Garcia Wednesday, but stopped short of endorsing him for mayor.

Well short.

“Adrian is a problem solver who knows how to bring people together to get things done, keep Houston safe, and squeeze the most out of each tax dollar,” White said in a statement to be used in Garcia’s paid advertising. “His high personal integrity and humble, effective leadership style make him a public servant that all Houstonians can rely on.”

White insisted that it is not an endorsement, nor a statement of support.

He said he does not plan to endorse in the mayor’s race.

What is the point of even putting out something this late in the game? Go on ahead. You can scratch your head on this one.

I said this yesterday

The best day of Early Voting in 2015 was yesterday. Mendenhall was number two with 1015 folks showing up.

Well, the best day of Early Voting in 2015 was yesterday. Mendenhall was number two with 1025 folks showing up.

Two days of EV left. At this rate, nobody is going to show up Tuesday.

In 2012, the Giants swept the Tigers in the World Serious of course.

The Houston Chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America named Dallas Keuchel team MVP and Pitcher of the Year, and Carlos Correa Rookie of the Year.

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