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First things first.

Happy Birthday today to my very good friend, State Representative Carol Alvarado!

The World Serious starts tomorrow evening. Including this year, how many times have the Mets been to the Serious?

The Communications Workers of America Working Voice put a brutal mail hit on Adrian Garcia this past weekend. The hit focused on the Ted Oberg KTRK-TV story on the inmate who was wallowing in his own you know what. The tag lines are: If Adrian Garcia can’t run the jail, how can we trust him to run the city. And: VOTE “NO” ON ADRIAN GARCIA FOR MAYOR ON NOV. 3.

Why the hit? To make sure Adrian doesn’t get into a runoff?

In order for negative mail to really work, you have to mail around three or four times. So let’s see if more mail lands this week after some folks have already voted. So far, I only know of Spanish language surnames that got the piece.

CWA endorsed Rep. Sylvester Turner. I wonder if CWA is going to play the role of third party hitman for Sylvester during the runoff.

I wonder if CWA is still smarting over AT&T losing the City of H-Town $10 million cell phone contract to Sprint four years ago.

Speaking of, I am sure the Turner Campaign wasn’t too happy to see the front page story in Saturday’s Chron on Sylvester and Wayne Dolcefino and what happened in the 1991 H-Town mayoral race runoff. Wayne is working for Ben Hall.

Did you see Friday evening’s story on KHOU-TV by Doug Miller where they said Sylvester and Bill King could be headed to a runoff? Yeah, you probably didn’t so check it out here: http://www.khou.com/story/news/politics/2015/10/23/who-will-be-houstons-next-mayor-early-voting-offers-hints/74491118/.

I am not going to say anything about the Texans. I don’t need to.

After all of Early Voting in 2013, Holy Rosary had a total of 1183, after a week this year, Moody Park has 1009 or 85% of their 2013 Early Vote total.

Ripley after Early Voting in 2013 had 1074, after yesterday, 772 – or 72% of 2013.

HCC Southeast 1688 and 958 for 57% of 2013.

Acres Homes, 2272 and 1886 for 83%.

Kashmere, 1576 and 866 for 55%.

Palm Center, 2987 and 1579 for 53%.

Clear Lake, 3622 and 2727 for 75%.

Kingwood, 3543 and 4202 for BINGO!

Mendenhall, 5367 and 3928 for 73%.

West Gray, 8390 and 5486 for 65%.

And just who is helped out if we have a better than average turnout? The anti-Prop 1 folks?

Including this season, the Mets have been to the World Serious five times of course: 1969, 1973, 1986, 2000, and 2015.

I got to hand it to my pal Bill Kelly who tweeted this during the football game yesterday:

Bill Kelly ‏@billkellytexas 19h19 hours ago
When do catches & pitchers report? @HoustonTexans @SeanTPendergast @OrtizKicks @astros

Sometime in February.

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