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Bill King will Vote Early in Person in Clear Lake later this morning. I wonder how many media folks will head down I-45 South to give him some coverage. Hey, Clear Lake is part of H-Town.

The Blue Jays try to stay alive tonight in the ALCS. Who is the only Hall of Fame great wearing a Jays lid?

Again, I am not going to make much of an analysis. I will just lay out some of the numbers.

After all of Early Voting in 2013, Holy Rosary had a total of 1183, after four days this year, Moody Park has 609 or 51% of their 2013 Early Vote total.

Ripley after Early Voting in 2013 had 1074, after yesterday, 489 – or 46% of 2013.

HCC Southeast 1688 and 555 for 33% of 2013.

Acres Homes, 2272 and 1201 for 53%.

Kashmere, 1576 and 622 for 39%

Palm Center, 2987 and 1101 for 37%.

Clear Lake, 3622 and 1600 for 44%.

Kingwood, 3543 and 2321 for 66%.

Mendenhall, 5367 and 2256 for 42%.

West Gray, 8390 and 3153 for 38%.

Again, don’t focus on the total votes. Focus on the percentage of the 2013 EV.

It looks like Kingwood was raring to go. I hope folks did some campaigning out there. Interesting, don’t you think?

I checked out some of Hillary Clinton’s testimony yesterday and she handled business if you ask me.

Here is the roll call of the mail hitting here at my place yesterday: Houston Unites and Doug Peterson.

Roberto Alomar of course is in the Hall of Fame wearing a Jays lid.

There is a story in the Chron’s Sports Section today about our Skipper and other teams. I am thinking he’s not going anywhere.

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