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On Day 2 of EV

I am not going to make much of an analysis. I will just lay out some of the numbers.

On Day 1, Moody Park voted 200 Early Vote in Person. Yesterday, 165.

Ripley on Day 1, 122. Yesterday 132.

HCC Southeast, 140 and 157.

Acres Homes, 329 and 316.

Kashmere, 191 and 148.

Palm Center, 321 and 279.

Clear Lake, 387 and 424.

Kingwood, 432 and 626.

Mendenhall, 472 and 589.

West Gray, 844 and 819.

I think I can say that the percentage make-up of the electorate shifted slightly from Day 1 to Day 2. The folks that were feeling good after Day 1 probably are not feeling as giddy now.

Go check out Kuffer’s take on EV here: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=70431.

Name the pitcher with the most career World Serious losses?

Today is “Back to the Future Day.” You know, from the flick, October 21, 2015. Remember when the flick said the Cubbies would sweep the World Serious in 2015? Well, the Cubbies could be swept today in the NLCS.

“Back to the Future Day” birthdays go to Kim Kardashian, Benjamin Netanyahu, Judge Judy, one of my fav actors Ken Watanabe, Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher, and Hall of Fame great Whitey Ford, plus throw in Commentary.

MJ Khan sure is putting a lot of dough into TV ads. Don’t you think?

Here is the roll call of the mail hitting here at my place yesterday: County Bonds, Eric Dick, Houston Unites, and Amanda Edwards.

Whitey Ford of course leads in World Serious career pitching losses with 8 but he also leads in wins with 10.

The team announced a few front office moves the other day and that’s all I have from The Yard.

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