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Super Bowl Talking Point

If I would have proclaimed before the season started that we would win three playoff games, you would have thought I had lost it.

Only two ‘Stros played more than 150 regular season games this year. Name the two?

Here is from the Chron on the Bob McNair donation:

“The HERO supporters have tried to scare people into believing that we would lose the Super Bowl,” (Anti-HERO leader Jared) Woodfill said. “Obviously, if there were any truth behind that, Bob McNair wouldn’t’ be donating to the folks that are opposed to the ordinance.”

Jared does have a point.

Some key business leaders have told us that we risk losing the Super Bowl if the HERO goes down the drain. I guess they forgot to tell the fella who lobbied his fellow owners to get us the big game.

I guess you can say if we lose the HERO (and we will probably will not), we won’t lose the Super Bowl.

I wonder if the General has a take on the McNair contribution.

Here is a bit from Kuffer today on the H-Town City Council District H race:

Karla Cisneros got the Chron endorsement, while Abel Davila is the Hotze candidate. Roland Chavez and Jason Cisneroz got the rest of the endorsements, with Chavez having the edge. I’m a little surprised Karla Cisneros didn’t go better in that department, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. She’s easily winning the yard sign battle in my neighborhood, with Chavez a distant second. She’s also the only candidate to actually door-knock me this cycle, though I’ve seen her and Chavez and Cisneroz at various events throughout the summer.

This season Jose Altuve played in 154 games and Evan Gattis got into 153 games of course.

Well this was an exhilarating 2015 ‘Stros baseball season. I am certainly not disappointed this morning. Am I looking forward to next season? Not yet. I still want the savor this one.

I got four foul balls. I saw a no-no. I saw a couple of playoff games. I saw the crowds return. Wow!

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