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Game 5

Will somebody please keep Governor Abbott away from twitter tonight?

Secretary Hillary Clinton stuck it to Sen. Bernie Sanders on gun control last night. Sen. Sanders helped out Sec. Clinton on her emails. Now who do you want leading the Dem ticket against the GOP?

When the ‘Stros played their first ever playoff series in 1980 against the Phillies, how many then future Hall of Famers saw playing action?

I think I have told this story before. Years ago, someone I respect was part of a government contract and getting taxpayer funds. The Chron wrote a story about the contract and listed the folks getting taxpayer funds including the total amounts. The person I respect didn’t like getting written up in the Chron. I told the person the solution to that is don’t be a part of the contract and you won’t get written up.

State Rep. Sylvester Turner is getting lead front page coverage today on his local government contracts and he is getting hit by Chris Bell and Ben Hall. Here is the story: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/politics/election/local/article/Turner-s-work-for-public-agencies-comes-under-fire-6569425.php.

You get the gig and you risk getting the publicity. It is fair game. Let the voters decide.

The Chron put out the story today on the H-Town City Council District H race. Here is the part on Karla Cisneros:

Karla Cisneros, another longtime resident of Woodland Heights, is an elementary teacher and former school board member whose primary aim as a City Council member is improving the quality of life for children and families. She took leave from work to run for office.

Cisneros, 61, grew up in a Navy family, and her parents retired in San Antonio. She moved to Houston for graduate school at Rice University, where she studied architecture. Cisneros became a grass-roots activist for neighborhood schools while raising three children with her husband in Woodland Heights. She said the Heights at the time she put down roots in 1985 was a place families left once their kids reached kindergarten age because they lacked confidence in the schools.

She championed SPARK Parks, a program that converts school playgrounds to neighborhood parks. After organizing a dinosaur-themed playground at Travis Elementary, which she called “the gold standard,” Cisneros became assistant director of the program and helped the city plan 20 more park conversions.

She served on the Houston Independent School District Board of Education for six years. During one year as board president, she led the hiring effort for Abelardo Saavedra, HISD’s first Latino superintendent.

That experience, she believes, prepared her for city leadership, reviewing and voting on billion-dollar budgets, dealing with major policy issues and navigating tough personnel decisions.

Cisneros, a new grandmother, has taught elementary school on both sides of Interstate 45, which opened her eyes to inequities for children based on where they live. She taught for three years at Harvard Elementary, where home values rank among the highest in the city, and for three at Northline, a depressed economic neighborhood of primarily Hispanic residents, where she recalled seeing stray dogs wander onto the campus but animal control never responded to requests to remove them.

Cisneros said that scenario is unimaginable on the pricier side of I-45: “If that had happened at Harvard Elementary, I cannot imagine that they would not come.”

Her approach would be to seek equity in infrastructure investment, improve public safety and create “smart, transit-oriented development” that connects the rail stations more cohesively into their communities, with wider sidewalks and good lighting.

Here is the entire Chron piece on the District H race: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/politics/election/local/article/4-vie-for-Council-District-H-post-6568426.php.

In the 1980 NLCS, then future Hall of Fame greats Steve Carlton (Phillies), Joe Morgan (‘Stros), Nolan Ryan (‘Stros), and Mike Schmidt (Phillies) saw playing action of course.

It is OK for H-Town to stop everything this evening and watch the ‘Stros on Fox Sports. Our guys can do it. We’ve won six out of ten against the Royals this season including Game 1 in KC last Thursday. Let’s do it in Game 5 of the ALDS!

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