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Still Contending

Commentary refuses to get down over the Royals’ come from behind win. Commentary won’t be one of those who are comparing yesterday’s loss to those of H-Town’s past. Commentary won’t be releasing negative energy. I prefer to look forward to our 19 game winner Collin McHugh taking the mound in Game 5 of the ALDS in prime time tomorrow evening. We are still among the eight teams that are still contending. I wouldn’t bet against us.

When was the only time we won a League Division Series Game 5 on the road?

This past Sunday we arrived at The Yard two and a half hours before game time and had to park by the Chron building for ten bucks. Figuring that the courthouse complex would be open yesterday and finding parking would be difficult and expensive, I decided to drive to Moody Park, leave my car in the lot, and hop on the rail line.

This is from the Adrian Garcia Campaign website on the issues:

I have found that, all too often, government looks to increases in fees or taxes to provide these services for Houstonians. This is a mistake. I will not entertain any such ideas until we have demonstrated to the taxpayers that City Hall is running as efficiently as possible.

I am thinking more on this later. He said it.

This story went national. The Governor needs to hire folks who know that baseball is a nine inning game. This isn’t softball. Here is the story:

Here’s a new “oops” moment for a Texas governor: prematurely celebrating a Houston Astros playoff victory.

With Houston up four runs and six outs away Monday from finishing off Kansas City, the office of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted congratulations to the Astros for advancing to the AL Championship Series. The Royals then rallied in the eighth inning and forced a decisive Game 5 with a 9-6 victory.

The tweet has since been deleted.

Abbott, who is an avid Twitter user, responded to the gaffe by telling Astros fans to unfollow his office and stick to his personal Twitter account. He tweeted: “No predictions. Just support.”

Abbott spokesman John Wittman said the deleted tweet was sent by a staffer and declined further comment.

In 2004, the ‘Stros beat The ATL at their crib 12-3 in Game 5 of the NLDS of course.

I wonder if the #ColbyJack off of the right field fowl pole yesterday gets us a free chicken sandwich today.

Don’t worry about yesterday. Like I said when the playoffs started, I feel good about our chances.

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