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Commentary really does not have much to say about the Chron E-Board’s endorsement in HISD District III. I will say the incumbent received the endorsement four years ago then had it taken away and now he’s got it again. I will let others chime in.

I am not really surprised that Ann McCoy got the nod in District IV – an open seat. I didn’t think that they would go for former H-Town city council member Jolanda Jones. The E-board said they liked that McCoy was “thoughtful and deliberate.”

The E-Board endorsed incumbent Juliet Stipeche in District VIII. Stipeche told the E-Board that she “views HISD Board culture as toxic.” Well, who are the toxic agents?

The link was not working so you will go have to look up the endorsements on your own.

The Pirates lost to the Cubbies last night in the NL Wild Card game. The Pirates won 98 games this season. What are the most wins in a season ever for a Wild Card team?

Let’s see. Tonight, some folks will head out to TDECU to watch the Coogs or check them out on ESPN2. Some folks will head to NRG to check out the Texans or watch them on Channel 11 or the NFL Network. Some folks will check out the ‘Stros on FS1. And some folks will be at Ripley House checking out the H-Town City Council District H Forum.

I didn’t give a second thought to Jessica Mendoza providing the takes during the ‘Stros game the other night. I didn’t think about it being historic. So when that sports talk peckerwood went off on her on twitter and then got suspended – I don’t have a problem with that.

For those of you that remember, “Moochie”, Kevin Corcoran, is no longer with us. He was in “Old Yeller.” I shed a tear or two watching that movie. He was also in “Swiss Family Robinson.” He was only 66.

If you are on The Roundtable email list, then you probably got a chuckle or two on yesterday’s take on the Big Puma.

The 2001 A’s had 102 wins for the most Ws ever for a Wild Card team.

Did you check Commentary out on Channel 11 yesterday talking about my foul balls from The Yard? Check it out here: http://www.khou.com/story/sports/mlb/astros/2015/10/07/houstons-foul-ball-king-dreams-another-world-series/73550056/.

Hey, it’s the playoffs.

I am feeling good about the ALDS and Sunday’s game is a sellout.

Go Astros!

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