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Dear Ben Carson. I have actually had a gun pointed at me, was a robbery victim, and threatened to be killed a long, long time ago and I actually started praying the “Act of Contrition” and started to say “O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended you, and I detest all my sins, because of Your just punishments…” I thought I was a goner and thoughts of getting myself out of that situation raced through my mind – do I try to escape, do I try to overpower the two assailants, or do I just do as they say. I now have a greater awareness when walking through a parking lot at night. So until you go through something like that, why don’t you just shut up – PLEASE!

The ‘Stros in the MLB Playoffs is good for H-Town. A lot of folks were wearing ‘Stros gear at National Night Out events yesterday evening. Over the next few days, folks will be chatting up Jose Altuve, SpringerDinger, ColbyJack, Carlos Correa, Dallas Keuchel, and OsoBlanco. Hey, we need it and can use it.

What was our record versus the Royals this season?

I am not going to say much about the City of H-Town gizmo that collects the campaign reporting data. One of my client’s report is finally online.

How about this tweet from last night:

Jim Rome ‏@jimrome 10h10 hours ago
Astros looked right at home in the postseason. And the Yankees looked like they wanted no part of the postseason.

Awww! How about this one from the General:

John McClain ‏@McClain_on_NFL 10h10 hours ago
I’ve wondered for 37 years what it’s like 2 have team I cover n title game. Rockets won 2 titles. Astros played in Series. I’ll never know.

Remember when I said this about three weeks ago:

I just noticed this. If you follow the ‘Stros or MLB beat writers on twitter, a few hours before the game they will tweet out the starting line-ups in batting order with the last name of the player and the numerical position: pitcher is 1, catcher is 2, you know, and 9 being the right fielder, but the DH is DH. How come nobody has come around to give the DH a number, like a 10?

I saw a line-up tweet prior to the game yesterday and the DH was given a 0 – zero.

We went 4-2 against the Royals this past season of course.

I think we are in pretty good shape heading into the ALDS.

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