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Commentary has to give a shout out to Adrian Garcia for making a citizen’s arrest. #CatchTheCrooks. (A Bill King Line).

The Chron E-Board tossed the coin so to speak in their H-Town City Council, At-Large 4 pick. Here is how their endorsement ends:

Our choice, and it’s almost a toss-up, is Laurie Robinson, and it’s a choice based on her years of experience with government-related endeavors. Although her opposition to the city’s equal rights ordinance gives us pause – she says she favors an ordinance in principle, but this one has become too divisive – we believe she will be an effective councilmember from her first day in office.

Although we endorse Robinson, we recognize that her chief opponent has the potential to be an influential voice in public affairs and public service for years to come. Whether Amanda Edwards wins or loses this time, it’s a win for Houston if she stays involved.

Here is the entire endorsement take: http://www.chron.com/opinion/recommendations/article/Editorial-For-At-Large-4-6541492.php.

A close call if you ask me. Why didn’t they just do a duelie?

Speaking of defending the record, a couple of days ago Channel 11 had a story on a contract that was issued while Adrian Garcia was still sheriff. Here is a bit from the story:

Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman has launched an investigation into a so-called “pay-to-pray” contract at the Harris County jail after the KHOU 11 News I-Team discovered a paper trail of hours billed by ministers who were nowhere near the jail.

The chaplaincy program now runs almost entirely on volunteers, after the new sheriff in town called the previous contract with Mike Barber Ministries, Inc. It’s run by former Houston Oilers tight end Mike Barber, a friend of then-Sheriff Adrian Garcia, who signed Barber’s group up for a three-year, $1.1-million deal.


Former Sheriff Adrian Garcia, now a candidate for Houston mayor, is standing by Mike Barber in this written statement:

“For more than 29 years, Mike Barber has been a source of faith, hope and spiritual healing to inmates in facilities throughout Texas. Mike understands the vicious cycle that desperately needs to be broken if we are going to see any type of positive change in our neighborhoods. The spiritual guidance, positive reinforcement and hope for the future provided by his ministries give inmates the best chance to remake themselves as law-abiding citizens in the future. He was also a damn fine football player!”

Here is the entire story: http://www.khou.com/story/news/investigations/2015/09/29/jail-ministry-run-former-houston-oiler-under-investigation/73068244/.

What’s up with the football player mention? Oh, well, like I said yesterday, stay tuned!

Houstonchronicle.com has more behind the paywall: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/politics/election/local/article/Rivals-blast-Garcia-over-jail-ministry-questions-6541507.php?cmpid=btfpm.

Name last season’s AL Wild Card teams?

If you are a fan of baseball like Commentary, then you probably know about the ignorance that fell out of Bud Norris’ pie hole yesterday reacting to a study conducted by USA Today on the make-up of bench clearing brawls in MLB. Here is from the story:

Baseball teams regularly bring together people from diverse backgrounds striving for a common cause, which in the best of circumstances results in the quintessential melting pot. But when the dynamic changes and the bonding element is replaced by the fire of competition, a different kind of brew arises and sometimes boils over.

A USA TODAY Sports study of 67 bench-clearing incidents in Major League Baseball over the past five seasons found the main antagonists hailed from different ethnic backgrounds in 87% of the cases.

Just more than half of them – 34 – pitted white Americans against foreign-born Latinos. Another four featured white Americans and U.S.-born Latinos.

The figures are startling in a sport where white Americans compose about 60-65% of the population. Based on Opening-day figures, most of the rest is made up of players born outside the U.S. (26.5%) – the vast majority from Latin countries – African Americans (8%) and an undetermined number of Latinos born on U.S. soil.


Houston Astros outfielder Carlos Gomez, a main participant in four dugout-emptying episodes in the last three seasons, is beloved by teammates, who feed off his energy and all-out hustle and defend his right to express himself on the field.

Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel calls him “personable and probably one of the better teammates I’ve seen.’’

Opponents, on the other hand, often get irked over Gomez’s flamboyant ways. Less than a month after joining the Astros via a June 30 trade with the Milwaukee Brewers, Gomez got into a yelling match with the New York Yankees dugout after displaying frustration over making an out in a blowout.

Gomez, a Dominican native, argues that he doesn’t try to disrespect opponents and notes that he never looks in their direction when celebrating a good deed. He’ll even tip his hat to an opposing pitcher who has done especially masterful work in getting him out.

“Why can a pitcher show you his emotions and you can’t show yours to him? Those are baseball rules from a different time,’’ Gomez told USA TODAY Sports in Spanish. “It gets to the point where, when you’re by yourself, you think, ‘What did I do? I didn’t do anything inappropriate.’ It’s a bit frustrating, because all I’ve ever done is play the game with passion, with desire, with love, giving it my all, and a lot of people take it the wrong way.’’

Count San Diego Padres pitcher Bud Norris among them. In a conversation about what’s proper on-field behavior and what’s not, Norris mentioned Gomez as a particularly egregious violator of the rules. While praising Gomez’s ability, Norris said some of his actions are disrespectful.
When told the large majority of the benches-clearing incidents involved players of different backgrounds, Norris nodded knowingly.

“I think it’s a culture shock,’’ Norris said. “This is America’s game. This is America’s pastime, and over the last 10-15 years we’ve seen a very big world influence in this game, which we as a union and as players appreciate. We’re opening this game to everyone that can play. However, if you’re going to come into our country and make our American dollars, you need to respect a game that has been here for over a hundred years, and I think sometimes that can be misconstrued. There are some players that have antics, that have done things over the years that we don’t necessarily agree with.

“I understand you want to say it’s a cultural thing or an upbringing thing. But by the time you get to the big leagues, you better have a pretty good understanding of what this league is and how long it’s been around.’’

Here is the entire USA Today piece:

First of all, Norris is definitely a dumbarse for sure. He really must have not ventured out much while he was playing in H-Town a couple of seasons or so ago or he would have gotten a better understanding of diverse cultures. He needs to go look at some of the old clips of Hall of Fame great Harmon Killebrew smacking a dinger. Killebrew wouldn’t start his dinger trot until it landed over the fence. He was never accused of hot dogging it. Maybe it was because he was born in Idaho.

I go to a lot of games. I will tell you what the game doesn’t need. It doesn’t need comments like those from Norris. The number of Latinos playing in MLB is steadily growing. We see it here. We have had bench clearing brawls and players annoying opposing players for as long as I can remember. They have also been playing baseball in Latin America for like forever. Does Minnie Minoso ring a bell? It is not a culture shock thing. USA Today decided to study who the culprits were. They really don’t mention anything about the non-Latinos who were involved.

USA Today had Carlos Gomez involved in four brawls. It also had Zack Grienke, Josh Donaldson, and Madison Bumgarner involved in three each but they didn’t get a profile. It is no big deal.

Baseball is doing OK. Bud Norris is not.

The Royals and A’s were last season’s AL Wild Card teams of course.

Another late night win. We have the day off. Go Rangers! Go Angels! Go Cleveland!

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