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Defending the Record

Commentary has been to most of the H-Town mayoral candidate forums. Last night I went to a church over on South Gessner past Bellfort to check out the latest forum. So I kind of know how the candidates are handling themselves. As mail ballots are being cast and as we get closer to Early Voting in Person, some candidates are having to defend their records more than others.

Marty McVey doesn’t really have a record so he doesn’t have to defend. Chris Bell really hasn’t had to defend his record. Council Member Steve Costello has had to defend Rebuild Houston. Ben Hall has had to defend his record and positions since being City Attorney. Bill King hasn’t had to defend his record as mayor of Kemah but he has had to defend his columns and issue positions. State Rep. Sylvester Turner has had the longest record of service but he has only had to defend attacks from Hall.

Adrian Garcia has made his record of service the centerpiece of his campaign and is now taking some heat for his record as Sheriff. Yesterday, a forum was held at the Wortham Center during the lunch hour and Adrian’s record was criticized by some of his opponents. Here is a part of what the Chron reported:

After taking heat for his management of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Adrian Garcia ducked out of a Houston mayoral debate a half-hour early Tuesday, before moderators opened the floor for candidates to ask each other questions.

Garcia said he had to leave for a prior commitment, even after one of the moderators noted that appointment – an interview with the Chronicle’s editorial board – was scheduled to begin nearly an hour and a half later.

In departing early, Garcia avoided a debate format that has proved tricky for him in recent weeks, as his competitors have taken aim at his record in the sheriff’s office.

Even so, four of the five candidates on stage with Garcia used their rebuttals during a preceding round to criticize the former sheriff’s management skills.

“The sheriff’s office wasn’t working when Adrian was there,” businessman Bill King said, citing the decrease in the department’s rape clearance rate under Garcia’s tenure.

City Councilman Stephen Costello, former Congressman Chris Bell and former City Attorney Ben Hall subsequently chimed in, calling attention to Garcia’s use of an outside consultant during his tenure, as well as a mentally ill inmate left for weeks in a filthy cell in 2013.

“Adrian has to explain how it is that he had a sheriff’s department that could have a mentally challenged person living in a cell for weeks without getting remedial care,” Hall said. “I think that speaks to his management skill and he does have to answer for that.”

Here is the entire article: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/politics/election/local/article/Garcia-leaves-mayoral-forum-early-avoiding-6538412.php?cmpid=btfpm.

This was tweeted during the forum:

Rebecca Elliott ‏@rfelliott 21h21 hours ago
Second Q to Garcia, on disappointment about leaving sheriff’s post. Garcia declines to criticize Hickman: “It will be his record to defend.”

Well, he didn’t stick around to defend his own record. There are a few forums and debates remaining so stay tuned.

Name the MLB pitcher who has pitched the most innings this season?

The Kentucky clerk said she met with the Pope for 15 minutes last week. What the heck did they talk about for 15 minutes?

Clayton Kershaw of course leads MLB with 229 innings pitched this season.

I don’t know what to say about our loss last night. We only have four games left. There is not much else I can say.

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