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The Big Puma cut a spot against the HERO. Here is the spot and the background on the Big Puma’s opposition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=2&v=o3oSDzZxdyg.

Here is from an online story and a tweet:

(Lance) Berkman’s appearance (on the ad) has garnered criticism from many, including former Minnesota Vikings kicker Chris Kluwe.

Chris Kluwe
✔ @ChrisWarcraft
Lance Berkman needs to take a moment and reflect on some basic human traits like “empathy” and “critical thinking.” http://www.outsports.com/2015/9/25/9398997/lance-berkman-houston-equal-rights-hero?utm_campaign=outsports&utm_content=article%3Atop&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter

BTW: I don’t even think the Big Puma is an H-Town voter.

2,153,585 went to see the ‘Stros at The Yard this season. What is our attendance record for a season?

The Chron E-Board put out a duelie yesterday in the race for H-Town Controller – Bill Frazer and Chris Brown. At the end of the endorsement, they took a parting shot at former HCC Trustee and former Council Member and Controller candidate Carroll Robinson. Here is the shot:

However, voters should avoid Carroll Robinson, a former city councilman and former Houston Community College trustee. When he served on the HCC board, Robinson was accused of redirecting a contract to an unqualified friend. In his current campaign, Robinson advocates for casino gambling – a policy far outside the purview of the controller’s office. And when he met with the editorial board, Robinson hinted at Ted Cruz-style obstructionism if elected by refusing to sign city checks.

Here is the entire endorsement take: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/article/For-City-Controller-6530658.php.

I am not surprised at the duelie. They endorsed Council Member Brenda Stardig today. I am not surprised.

The 2004 ‘Stros of course set the attendance record with 3,087,872 folks showing up.

Well, the team sort of handled business this weekend. If the playoffs were to start today, we would be in. The problem is they don’t start today. They start in eight days. We are in Seattle for the next three. The Angels host the A’s and the Rangers host the Tigers.

I wonder if I will ever get to see Tal’s Hill again.

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