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Do or Die Weekend

Only three of the major H-Town mayoral candidates attended last night’s forum sponsored by the Northside Precinct Judges. A number of other civic and service organizations participated. Some folks were not happy that the other four candidates were no-shows. I get that.

I will say that all of the candidates have been pretty good about making these forums and there have been a bunch – well over 30 at last count.

Name the AL team with the least amount of road wins?

I am thinking the Adrian Garcia campaign is not happy with the front page City/State section story on how he handled the Sheriff’s Office. Here is how the story starts:

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office cleared dramatically fewer rape cases under Adrian Garcia compared to his predecessor, a finding opponents are trying to use to undercut the mayoral candidate’s experience as a leader.

Considered by many a front-runner to replace term-limited Annise Parker, Garcia has taken heat from other candidates for the percent of reported burglary, robbery or rape cases that led to an arrest, charge or other resolution – called the clearance rate – under his watch.

Here is what Adrian said:

“No one gave me a memo we were going to be stepping into the Great Recession, and we had a hiring freeze. But I didn’t stop at trying to not only solve the cases we were getting, but I worked to keep cases from coming in. My commitment to putting officers on the street, in spite of the hiring freeze, looking for ways to redeploy deputies out of the jail and put them out on the street and lower the crime rate. So, tough decisions I had to make as a sheriff, tough circumstances – remember, the population exploded in the unincorporated areas of the county.”

Here is the entire article: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/politics/election/local/article/Mayoral-rivals-blast-Garcia-for-drop-in-HCSO-rape-6527996.php?cmpid=btfpm.

It looks like it is going to be tough to spin their way out of this one. This isn’t going away.

The U.S. House Speaker is quitting. I am not shedding any tears.

A couple or so folks were grousing over the Chron E-Board endorsement in H-Town City Council District H. I am wondering how many of the grousers have actually seen Karla Cisneros engage with District H voters? You get the picture.

The ‘Stros are at the bottom in the AL with only 29 road wins of course.

It is a do or die weekend at The Yard. We have run out of time. Only nine games left.

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