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Latinos Con Bernie?

It is going to be a busy day and evening. The H-Town mayoral candidates will participate in a forum during lunch. This evening is the first televised mayoral candidate debate sponsored by Channel 13 and Univision. It will be live streamed at 6 pm and air on the flat screen at 10:30 tonight.

The H-Town City Council District H candidates will participate in a forum this evening at MECA on Kane.

We also have the start of the NFL season with the Pats and Steelers on Channel 2.

Back to the TV debate, expect Ben Hall to go after Rep. Sylvester Turner, Adrian Garcia, Council Member Steve Costello, or Bill King.

Let me say that HISD Trustee Anna Eastman is Commentary’s good friend and client. She commands a ton of respect out there. She knows what she is talking about. Here is from the front page of today’s Chron by Ericka Mellon:

Houston ISD overpaid contractors and may have violated state law by exceeding construction contract limits without required school board approval, according to a newly released audit.

The auditors found that the district appeared to skirt a $500,000 contracting cap multiple times by improperly submitting separate work orders tied to the same project. The auditors also noted that the district failed to catch inaccurate and inappropriate charges and at times asked the school board to sign off on work after it had been done.

“State law and district policies were at the very least ignored, but more likely knowingly circumvented,” HISD trustee Anna Eastman, a member of the board’s audit committee, said Wednesday. “I’m not satisfied with the administrative response of ignorance and, ‘We’ll do it differently next time.’ Someone needs to be held accountable for this.”

Here is the entire article: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/education/article/Audit-finds-HISD-exceeded-contract-limits-without-6494427.php?cmpid=btfpm.

Stay tuned for sure.

From MLB.com:

With one powerful swing, Marwin Gonzalez helped Houston match a Major League team record, becoming the 11th Astros player to record double-digit home runs this season, tying the mark set by the Detroit Tigers in 2004.

Name the other ten ‘Stros players?

Latinos con Sanders strikes back with this letter to the editor in the SA Express News. I will say this. The Bernie Sanders folks are organizing in the Latino community. They are not ignoring this key Dem voting community. Why do you think the Hillary command sent Congressman Castro to put a hit on Bernie? Here is the first part of the letter:

My name is Rick Treviño and I am a proud supporter of Bernie Sanders for president of the United States. I’m writing to push back on Rep. Joaquin Castro’s recent claims in the Texas Tribune that Sanders has not reached out to the Latino community.

Castro’s comments were untrue, inaccurate and suggest that Bernie doesn’t care about the Latino community, which is flat out wrong. As a son of an immigrant myself, I have no doubt that by far the best candidate for Latinos is unequivocally Bernie Sanders. The Vermont senator is offering a vision that not only will benefit my people, but all people in our great nation.

For too long the Latino community has been treated as a one-issue demographic by the Democratic and Republican establishments. Immigration is a very important issue in the Latino community, and rightly so, but we also have economic, health and educational concerns for ourselves.

Bernie’s plan for a living wage, universal health care and tuition-free access to public colleges and universities are the types of policies that will lift millions of hardworking Latinos into the middle class. Sanders has articulated his policy platform directly to Latino groups. In Kansas City, he spoke at the National Council of La Raza’s annual convention and received the most standing ovations of any presidential candidate, including Hillary Clinton.

In his speech, he directly addressed the 11 million undocumented immigrants that are living in the shadows, and he boldly supported a pathway for citizenship for these people. Bernie has spoken to Univision’s brave anchor Jorge Ramos, the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Javier Palomarez. He also spoke to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials in Las Vegas, spoke to a diverse crowd of 11,000 in Phoenix and a diverse crowd of 27,000 in Los Angeles. In each of those electrifying speeches, he addressed the needs and concerns of Latinos and earned praise for his positions.

Here is the entire letter: http://www.mysanantonio.com/opinion/commentary/article/Sanders-vision-best-for-Latinos-6484215.php.

The latest poll released this morning now has Bernie Sanders with a slight lead in Iowa. Meanwhile, Hillary’s campaign continues to stumble.

The ten other ‘Stros with 10 dingers or more this season are Gattis (23), Valbuena (22), Rasmus (19), Carter (18), Correa (17), Springer (13), Tucker (12), Altuve (11), Castro (11), and Conger (10) of course. Marisnick sits at 9.

Our lead is two games with 22 games remaining. We have the day off.

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