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Where is Home?

On the District H campaign trail, Karla Cisneros talks about being a 30-year resident of Woodland Heights.

Roland Chavez talks about growing up in the First Ward and moving to Woodland Heights.

Jason Cisneroz talks about living in the Near North Side.

Abel Davila talks about residing in the Second Ward. At last night’s District H candidate forum at the Montie Beach Community Center, Davila was asked by a voter where he lived and how many homes did he have? Davila said he lived in Second Ward and once owned a million dollar home in the The Woodlands and now has two residences in District H – the one in Second Ward and one in Woodland Heights. It was kind of a testy exchange.

Obviously, there is something going on if that question is being asked.

The next District H candidate forum is next week in Woodland Heights. I wonder if Davila will tell forum attendees that he is a resident of Woodland Heights.

The ESPN Sunday Night Baseball teams for Sunday evening, September 27, have not been announced. As of today, only two games scheduled to play that day feature four true contenders and will likely be considered for the Sunday night game. Name the teams?

These tweets from this morning are related to banning cell phone use in H-Town school zones.

Bill King ‏@BillKingForHou 56m56 minutes ago
Budget for mayor and council offices up $12 million since 2009. But we cannot find $2 million to protect our kids?

Ericka Mellon ‏@e_mellon 1h1 hour ago
Houston candidate Bill King said he would have the school zone cellphone ban signs up within 30 days if mayor.

Like I said, it is hard to argue against this.

The Chron’s Rebecca Elliott has a story today on endorsements in the race for H-Town mayor. Here is how it starts:

Houston mayoral candidate Sylvester Turner has the backing of the city’s three unions. Do you care?

The C Club, a group of top conservative donors, supports former Kemah Mayor Bill King, and a handful of Houston pastors publicly have thrown their weight behind 2013 mayoral runner-up Ben Hall. Will that impact who you vote for?

For most Houston voters, the answer likely is no. Rather, political observers said, a candidate’s ability to marshal support from political power-brokers demonstrates viability to deep-pocketed donors and, in certain instances, provides the campaign with added organizational muscle.

“Endorsements are primarily an inside game that influence money and, on some occasions, votes,” local political analyst Nancy Sims said. “But to the overall voters, it usually doesn’t matter.”

Here is the entire article: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/politics/election/local/article/Candidates-tout-endorsements-but-do-voters-care-6483963.php?cmpid=btfpm.

On Sunday, September 27, the Cubbies host the Pirates and the Rangers visit The Yard of course.

Sunday night baseball in H-Town would be nice.

After this weekend’s series with the Twins, the ‘Stros go on a ten game roadie then return for their final nine game homie. It is not too late to plan for a game or two. The team needs your love.

Our lead is still at two.

Have a nice Labor Day weekend.

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