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The Latino Slate

I tweeted this yesterday afternoon.

Marc Campos ‏@MarcCommentary 15h15 hours ago
I am kind of thinking a #Latino candidate slate has been put together for the @houstontxdotgov , @HoustonISD & @HCCDistrict races. #houvote

Now this is very interesting. I don’t think this is a coincidence. I can’t remember the last time I saw a local Latino slate of candidates for an election. Here is their line-up:

Former HCC Trustee Herlinda Garcia talking on incumbent Robert Gallegos in City Council District I.

Former HCC Trustee Abel Davila in the open City Council District H.

Manuel Barrera taking on incumbent Mike Laster in City Council District J.

Incumbent HISD Trustee Manuel Rodriguez in District 3 running for re-election.

Former HISD Trustee Diana Davila running for her old position against incumbent Juliet Stipeche in District 8.

Art Aguilar running against incumbent HCC Trustee Eva Loredo in District VIII.

I really don’t want to get into the motivation behind this or speculate. I need to hear what they are saying on the campaign trail and see what they are putting out online or in campaign literature.

Two current elected officials and one former elected official suggested to me this past weekend that they were hearing the slate was being assembled.

Now this requires that we all stay tuned!

The anti-HERO folks are running radio ads. That was fast.

Pitcher Dallas Keuchel was selected by the ‘Stros in the seventh round of the 2009 MLB Draft. Who was the overall top draft choice that year?

This guy is not going to be president. I am talking about Jebbie. He shows no respect to some fellow American citizens. On using the term “anchor babies” here is from what the Tribune reported:

Later, responding to another question about the term, Bush tersely told a reporter: “This is so ridiculous. Give me the name you want me to use and I’ll use it.”

I will say it again, how about American citizen. Show some respect.

Stephen Strasburg of course was selected by the Nats with the top draft choice back in 2009.

We lost in the bottom of the ninth to the Yankees last night and hold a three and a half game lead.

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