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Happy 16th Birthday to Dante. Any day now he will be driving me to The Yard.

I think it was Chris Bell who said that last night’s mayoral candidate forum was the 22nd of the season and at last count there are still over 30 forum/debates/some on TV on the schedule. Is this too many? Nope!

First of all, most of the forums have been well attended. The folks that attend are voters. They get to see the candidates answer or dodge the questions. They get to see some pander. I think it is healthy. Heck, some folks last night still had not decided who they were supporting.

This was tweeted during the debate:

Bill Kelly ‏@billkellytexas 2h2 hours ago
I sure love Houston, enough to listen to Mayoral candidates at #keystothecity even when @kidkeuchy is pitching 4 the @astros on $1 dog night

Three MLB clubs have identical home records at 42-20 – name the three?

Here is tweet action from the forum last night:

Rebecca Elliott ‏@rfelliott 2h2 hours ago
Criminal justice taking center stage at this #houmayor forum, where Turner is being asked about low-level drug offenses, HPD staffing

It was a good question from moderator David Jones on how to reduce the jail population that Rep. Turner didn’t answer at all.


Rebecca Elliott ‏@rfelliott 3h3 hours ago
.@BenHall2015 slams @AdrianGarciaHTX’s answer as “too shallow,” says Garcia has no policy to address police brutality #houvote

Ouch! We will probably be seeing more of this from Ben.

Here is from Nancy Sims:

Yesterday, the “C” Club made their choice in the Mayoral Election. They endorsed Bill King.

The “C” Club is a conservative organization but they have surprised folks in the past by making unexpected endorsements. Many politicos think of them as the “rational” conservatives. They are a well-respected group of conservative-leaning, mostly business-oriented members.


Our sources indicate that there were three contenders worthy of their support with most of the candidates having at least one or two members in their favor. The top three, however, were Stephen Costello, Adrian Garcia and Bill King.

It takes 75% of the membership to approve their endorsement. This is a significant victory for King. King is a middle-of-the-road candidate who reasons out his positions and post lots of thoughtful white papers on complex issues.

Here is the entire take from Nancy: http://nancysims.com/cityofhouston/and-the-c-club-speaks/.

I am not going to say much about the Texas Supreme Court and the City of H-Town other than to say the City shouldn’t be surprised that they got their arse handed to them again and again.

And these tweets from The Yard:

Brian McTaggart ⚾️ ‏@brianmctaggart 13m13 minutes ago
Astros walk off again. Starting to feel like destiny.

Bill Kelly retweeted
Brian T. Smith ‏@ChronBrianSmith 8h8 hours ago
Carlos Correa is one of only 13 players in #MLB last 25 years to hit 15 home runs in initial 62 games. #Astros

The ‘Stros, Dodgers, and Royals of course all have home records of 42-20.

41 games left and a 2 ½ game lead – not bad at all!

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