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From Chron.com today:

On this day (August 19, 1965), The Beatles arrived at Houston International Airport, now known as Hobby, to play their only two concerts in Houston at the Sam Houston Coliseum.

In less than 24 hours, Beatlemania morphed Houston into a city of Beatlemaniacs! And, it all started at the airport where thousands of fans, mostly teenagers, welcomed the Fab Four. Then, downtown at the Sheraton-Lincoln Hotel, where they’d rented out the entire 18th floor, girls on the street held binoculars to their eyes hoping to catch a glimpse of the band.

At least 10,000 fans attended two identical concerts that were held at 3:30 p.m. and 8 p.m., and each 12-song set opened with “Twist and Shout,” followed by hits like “She’s a Woman,” “Dizzy Miss Lizzy,” and “I Wanna Be your Man.” Both shows lasted just 35 minutes. Critics said that the screaming fans were so loud that you couldn’t even hear The Beatles, and many girls were crying and passing out.

The best I can figure, Paul McCartney has played in H-Town in 1965, 1976 at the Summit, 1992 at the Astrodome, 2002 at the Summit, 2005 at Toyota, and 2012 at Minute Maid. I may have left some off.

Commentary thinks most folks who attended the District H candidate forum last night had pretty much already made up their mind on who they were supporting. What did I learn last night? Some folks didn’t know about beautification grants. There was a discussion on where is Lindale or Lindale Park or North Lindale. Some talked economic development. Some talked disparity. On key issues, some said the budget and some said infrastructure.

The Dodgers visit The Yard this weekend. What year did they move from Brooklyn to LA?

There are two mayoral forums today – I think.

Now this is very interesting. I am talking about the following press release from the Lite Guv’s office on studying jails. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Harris County jail, the Channel 13 news coverage, Terry Goodwin and an election right around the corner. Check this:

Today, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick along with Senator John Whitmire held a news conference announcing an interim study on jail safety standards in Texas.

“I have called on Criminal Justice Committee Chair Sen. Whitmire to conduct an interim study on our jail safety practices,” said Patrick.

“Our criminal justice system assumes a great responsibility for the people in our custody. In many instances, individuals have unresolved issues in their lives, particularly a mental illness, which has resulted in their arrest. It is our responsibility to make certain we have the necessary tools and resources to meet the health, welfare and safety needs of every individual in our custody,” stated Sen. Whitmire.

“I applaud Lt. Gov. Patrick for ensuring we will conduct an in-depth examination of our current practices, identify and address where our system is failing, and how the state can be more supportive to all involved,” concluded Sen. Whitmire.

Folks need to watch this closely and stay tuned for sure.

The Chron E-Board says “HPD reform is needed.” I don’t think they think much of the police chief. Here are parts of the their take today:

Houston isn’t immune to the problems of overpowered police. HPD has developed the reputation of a department where police brutality goes unpunished. In 2013, the Texas Observer ran an award-winning, two-part article titled “Crimes Unpunished,” which documents routine problems of officers failing to do their jobs while getting off after unnecessarily resorting to violence.

“Out of 706 complaints about excessive force, HPD disciplined only 15 officers. For 550 shootings, HPD disciplined none,” the Observer reported, documenting the statistics from 2007 through 2012. “The message is clear: Either Houston police almost never abuse their power, or they abuse it with impunity.”

These numbers should be troubling not only for civil rights advocates, but also for average Houston taxpayers who want to know that their police department is doing its job correctly. At their core, officers are supposed to serve as lookouts, life preservers and taxis: They either protect people around them, help people in need, or shuttle dangerous people into the criminal justice system. Now Houstonians are paying for inconsistent results.

In his campaign for mayor, state Rep. Sylvester Turner announced a plan Thursday to spend $85 million on 540 more police officers to fill the Houston Police Department’s ranks (“Turner would expand police,” Page B1, Friday). This follows on Police Chief Charles McClelland’s request for $105 million to hire 1,200 new officers.

If Houston is going to hire new cops, then City Hall has to find a way for them to bring a new attitude to policing, as well.

Here is the entire E-Board take: http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/HPD-reform-is-needed-6451861.php.

The Dodgers played their first game in LA in 1958 of course.

On the ‘Stros website they call last night’s walk-off dinger a Marwin-ner. Only 17,749 showed up but we were not disappointed. Come on folks! It is Dollar Dog Night this evening. Make it out to The Yard!

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