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Deport Citizens

You know why Trump is at the top of the GOP field with 24% in the latest polls? Because he wants to deport some American citizens who happen to be Latino. The 24% is driving the immigration debate within the GOP. Commentary is comfortable with this. It makes GOP inroads into the Latino voting community in 2016 all but impossible. Latinos are paying attention to Trump and are noticing that very few GOP leaders are challenging him.

Stay silent my friends!

Here is from today’s Chron:

With the 60-day period for Congress to review the Iran nuclear deal drawing to a close after Labor Day, the pressure is on for the Obama administration to round up votes from Democrats who are still on the fence over the agreement. On the White House list: U.S. Rep. Gene Green.

The centrist Democrat from Houston has yet to signal his vote on the controversial agreement, which reins in Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.

Really, Dems? A centrist? What is a centrist anyway these days? Really? I said, really?

Name the MLB club with the most losses this season?

Commentary went to another mayoral forum last night. This one was held at Lovett Elementary. Flooding was the topic of the evening. Homie Chris Bell won the crowd. He is one of them. We still have a bunch of forums left on the calendar – sigh!

The Northside Precinct Judges will host a District H candidate forum this evening.

The Phillies lead MLB with 72 losses of course.

Only 16,256 made it to The Yard last night to support the first place ‘Stros. We can certainly do better than that.

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