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On Terms

The Chron E-Board wants the H-Town City Council to hold off on putting the term limits proposal on this year’s ballot. The E-Board take has not been posted online. The E-Board says that the HERO issue will be “sucking up all the oxygen in the room” so hold off. I agree.

This is probably a good reason for voting against two four-year H-Town City Council terms. Check this Bill King tweet.

Bill King ‏@BillKingForHou 1h1 hour ago
Bill King retweeted MyFoxHouston
The thought of a 4 year term for a lame duck Mayor is something I cannot support. #NEHouMayoralForum

Bill put out his position last night at the latest mayoral candidate forum on Homestead Road. First time I heard this line of thinking. Nice point from Bill if you ask me considering the strong mayor form of government we have.


MyFoxHouston‏@MyFoxHouston 2h2 hours ago
I don’t think the current term system has served the city very well. – Bill King #NEHouMayoralForum

Bill was the only major candidate at last night’s forum to oppose the proposed two four-year terms.

Nice job, Bill!

The postseason ticket prices were released yesterday. Guess the price for the cheapest ticket out at The Yard for a World Serious game?

Last night’s mayoral candidate forum put on by Rep. Senfronia Thompson went three hours long. A lot of ground was covered. I don’t know about having the minor candidates participate though.

If we make the World Serious, the cheapest tickets will be in the upper deck for $125 of course.

We lost again. We still have our one game lead. We wrap up the roadie this afternoon, then come home for ten.

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