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More on Endorsements

Remember when I put out this yesterday:

District H candidate Roland Chavez received the Houston GLBT Caucus endorsement.

Here is a question from the Houston GLBT Questionnaire:

Should you receive an endorsement from an organization or person who is recognized as being anti-LGBT, what will be your response?

Chavez took $500 from the Kubosh family. District H candidate Jason Cisneroz called out Chavez on accepting the $500.

Chavez said he will return the donation. Maybe Chavez thought accepting the bucks wasn’t an “endorsement.”

I really don’t think Chavez made the connection like Jason did which ought to tell you something about political astuteness.

Here is a question from the Houston Stonewall Young Democrats questionnaire:

Should you receive the endorsement of an individual or organizations that has publicly opposed LGBT equality, how would your campaign address it?

Stonewall Young Dems last night held Roland Chavez accountable. The “integrity” word was mentioned. It looked like some folks were trying to protect the GLBT Saturday endorsement of Chavez but it didn’t work.

This NL team has made 20 World Serious appearances – most in the NL, name the club?

I guess Stonewall Young Dems endorsed Steve Costello. I had to leave. Here is rom CEWDEM:

I received the following communication during the night regarding the endorsement process of a Democratic Party sanctioned club. Interesting questions, if factual, are raised here. I was not at the meeting and all I know is my personal experience and knowledge of the President, James Lee, to all.who I have always found to be of the highest character and ethical standards.. Maybe he cold answer the questions or someone associated with the group would care to. I know in some organizations, the President has absolutely nothing to do with endorsements and it is turned over to a committee or an individual to handle, so maybe that person or members of the committee would like to speak to these questions. From first hand knowledge I know how difficult the entire process is and how hard the dedicated volunteers who take it on work. As an answer, I would think that to be credible, any appearance of lack of fairness negates the hard work of the body. In many years of activity I have always found folks involved in this have enough self pride as to appear to be fair I also can only say that many folks say Municipal elections are non-partisan – if so, we sure have fought long and hard to make sure as Democrats we have a Democratic Mayor and at least for the last six years with Annise Parker we had someone who sang it from the rooftop and governed as nothing but a Democrat. Anyhow, just throwing this out for people to think about. Think about it.

Here is what CEWDEM received:


Thank you very much for your continuing efforts to grow the populist message and cause in these parts. I was hoping you could help me out with a couple of questions. How is it that a Democratic group, Stonewall Young Democrats, can issue and endorsement for Mayor to an avowed Republican, Stephen Costello? I thought Democrats were supposed to support Democrats as I know no Republican group would ever endorse, let alone invite, a Democrat to one of their political endorsements. If I am not mistaken, even after Annise Parker and Ronald Green were elected, neither werwere allowed to speak before the Grand Poobah of the Republican Party, the Harris County Pachyderm Club. Just wondering. This character might be a nice guy and a friend to someone, but he takes great pride in announcing he is a member of the Harris County GOP Finance Council plus, his campaign consultant is a former aide to Joe Roach and Bruce Tatro not to mention acting as general consultant to the horrible pig castrating, now Senator from Iowa, Jonni Ernst. Again, I wonder what rationale can be used for Democrats to support someone like Stephen Costello?

I suppose I should not be surprised in this action from a group whose Secretary is working for one of the candidates for office and participated on the screening panel. I was told that she excused herself for the particular race, but had custody of questionnaires filled out by candidates which outlined their strategy for their campaigns which in itself brings up a question of integrity, not to mention I was told that she was strategizing while votes by the body were taking place.

Just a couple of questionable activities that put a dark cloud over a Democratic group. Don’t know if you have any answers or if you would be willing to venture a personal opinion.

Commentary has an answer. Rather than question the Stonewall Young Dems, why don’t you ask the Rep. Sylvester Turner and other campaigns how they let this one get away.

Rick Perry stopped paying his campaign staff. I wonder what the over-under is on when he will fold.

The Giants have played in the World Serious 20 times of course.

We are in San Fran for two and hold a one game lead. It is gut check time if you ask me.

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