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Taking a Shot

Name the MLB team with the least amount of stolen bases.

I don’t think the Mayor likes the lawyer for the anti-HERO folks. She took a shot at his hair color yesterday. I guess he dyes his hair. I was watching the H-Town City Council meeting yesterday and I heard it then these tweets followed:

Doug Miller ‏@DougMillerKHOU 5h5 hours ago
Mayor @AnniseParker to Andy Taylor, lawyer for anti #HERO pastors: “I like the new hair color, by the way.”

Sorry, I had to laugh. Cheap shot? Probably. Just a preview of things to come. Then another tweet from Dougie:

Doug Miller ‏@DougMillerKHOU 5h5 hours ago
Angry CM Martin apologizes to #HERO opponent lawyer for mayor’s remark about his hair color.

Then this is from Dougie’s story yesterday:

Taylor argued that the ordinance isn’t actually in effect because a petition drive has basically suspended it before it’s put to voters. The mayor said that the council’s upcoming vote to reaffirm the ordinance will nullify Taylor’s argument.

“Our belief is that he is incorrect, as we believe he is in many things,” Parker said.

Taylor’s opinion, spelled out before an open council meeting, triggered a testy debate among the mayor and council members. At one point, the mayor made a snarky remark implying Taylor had dyed his hair. A council member offered Taylor a public apology for the mayor’s behavior.

The gloves are off for sure! Of course, fellas who work at City Hall who also try to hide the gray might expect a compliment or two from the Mayor.

Here is all of Dougie’s piece: http://www.khou.com/story/news/2015/08/04/ballot-language-questioned-in-equal-rights-ordinance/31135841/.

Honestly though, I don’t think these kind of shots help the cause. It just gives the other side a talking point or two.

Rick Perry didn’t make the first debate cut. Texas Monthly said he’s been sent to the kids table.

Arian Foster, star running back for the Texans, is injured and likely out for half of the season. New Chron sports columnist Brian Smith says today that because of this injury, the Texans will not be going to the playoffs. Oh, well!

The LA Dodgers are at the bottom of MLB of course with only 22 stolen bases.

Jose Altuve leads the AL with 28 stolen bases.

I thought we were going to at least tie it up in the ninth last night. We need to start winning a few more on the road. Well, at least we are still three up.

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