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In case you missed this yesterday:

Anna Eastman, HISD Trustee, District 1, endorsed Karla Cisneros for Houston City Council, District H.

“I’m supporting Karla because of her record of public service. As an HISD school board member, she was a champion for children. She led, and won the first fights for high ethical standards and transparency,” said Anna Eastman. “Karla knows how critical future generations are to Houston’s well being. She knows how to work a budget and make sound public policy having served as a trustee, and has seen our future leaders up close as a teacher. We need more women in local government, but more importantly, we need women like Karla,” added Eastman.

“I am honored to have the support of Anna Eastman, one of Houston’s strongest leaders and most passionate advocates for children, public education, and social justice,” said Karla Cisneros.

Anna Eastman joins the growing list of community leaders who are supporting Karla Cisneros.

Anna is strong. And so is Karla.

Evan Gattis leads the team with 7 triples. How many triples does the rest of the team have?

Commentary has said it before. I oppose term limits for H-Town City Council and so should you and everybody else. What might be proposed for the November election is destined to fail. We all know the Mayor is working to put together the campaign to save the HERO. Who is working to put together a campaign to change term limits. Here are these tweets from yesterday:

Doug Miller @DougMillerKHOU
KHOU-News 88.7 Poll suggests Mayor @AnniseParker term limits idea is extreme long shot. 50% favor no change, only 25% for 2 four year terms

Annise Parker ‏@AnniseParker 1h1 hour ago
Annise Parker retweeted Doug Miller
I agree, sadly, that shifting to 4 year terms may be doomed. I put it on the agenda at Council request.-A https://twitter.com/dougmillerkhou/status/628318462591508480

Why put something on the ballot that is going down in flames? That doesn’t make sense. Here is from today’s Chron:

Rice University political scientist Bob Stein said the equal rights ordinance could drive turnout in what is usually a low turnout election. But most of the political energy will be spent on the equal rights ordinance, Stein said, making it a bad time to push through an item such as changing term limits.

“I thought (Parker) was absolutely correct when she said this is probably not the time for term limits or revenue cap,” Stein said. “Term limits would need a strong campaign, and I don’t think there’s enough oxygen in the air to go around. It’s going to be all about HERO.”


On term limits, there’s likely to be discussion about changing the effective date of the switch.

(H-Town City Council Member Dave) Martin said he strongly favors four-year terms, saying two-year terms are “one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen in government” because they work against long-term solutions to problems like the city’s pension obligations. Martin, however, is considering putting forward an amendment to make the change take effect immediately, pending discussion with his colleagues. He said he would not support the 2020 proposal, though supporters and political scientists say that is likely to go over much better with voters because no current council members stand to benefit.

“Why wait five years when the dynamics of the city change completely?” Martin said. “There are going to be people that are going to move here over the next couple years. When this thing is implemented in 2020, five years from now, they’re going to go, ‘What was this all about?'”

(CM C.O.) Bradford, (CM Michael) Kubosh and (CM Dwight) Boykins also oppose the term-limits proposal. Boykins said he would like the switch to go into effect in 2016 and would not support the 2020 proposal.

Councilman Ed Gonzalez said he supports the general principle of making the term limits longer but wants to review whether now is the ideal time for such a campaign. (CM Oliver) Pennington, too, was supportive of the idea but said he wanted to look more closely at when to make the switch.

This is kind of not well thought out. It ought to be interesting this afternoon at City Hall.

The rest of the ‘Stros have a total of 5 triples for a grand total of 12 for the team.

Last night’s game was downright ugly. And now our lead is at three.

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