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Yesterday, I wrote about “Your Priorities, My Priorities.” Yesterday, the Mayor let us know about her priorities. Here is from the Chron:

With her signature nondiscrimination law likely to appear on the November ballot, Mayor Annise Parker left in doubt Wednesday whether she will ask City Council to also place before voters long-discussed changes to term limits and the city’s revenue cap.

Parker said she has no interest in putting the latter two items to amend the city charter to a vote only to see them fail because they lacked robust campaigns behind them.

“It was my full expectation that I’d be spending my remaining campaign funds and my personal time advocating for these two good-government items, but because of the presence of HERO (the Houston equal rights ordinance) on the ballot, I’m going to be having to split my energy over there,” she said. “There is no – at this point – group willing to step up and advocate for the other two. I’m not going to put some things out there just to fail. It may be more timely to bring the charter amendments to next November’s electorate, and I can leave that decision to the next mayor.”

I am not surprised. I think Rev Cap changes and term limits would have been soundly defeated by the voters. There just hasn’t been any leadership out there for these two issues. Not from City Hall, not from the Downtown business community, not from neighborhood groups, not from political players, and not from special interests. Folks have been pretty timid.

Albert Pujols had a dinger last night and now has 550 for his career. That is 15th best in the career dinger department. Who is at number 14?

Here is from a questionnaire from this campaign season:

Would you support city issued municipal IDs to provide photo identifications for Houston residents, including undocumented immigrants which could serve as an ID card for public services, including a library card? Would you train HPD to recognize and accept the identification?

I understand where this is coming from. But I worry about compiling a city database of folks without papers and then having anti-immigrant groups request it under our Open Records law and having info on where folks without papers live. Talk about harassment! That is really not a good idea.

Manny Ramirez has 555 dingers of course and sits at number 14 all time in career dingers.

Hey, the ‘Stros are back in first. 31,000 plus turned out last night on an ESPN televised game. We are the real deal as Scott Kazmir gets the start tonight.

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