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The HERO on the ballot gets some run today by the Chron E-Board. Here is how it ends:

Just a week ago it seemed like the mayor’s race would be about potholes and pensions, with the city’s revenue cap as the most likely referendum item. Now we’re back to refighting an issue that’s dogged local politics for decades. It is time to finally put it to sleep, and if punching a ballot is the only way to show that Houston is a place that doesn’t discriminate, then let the block-walking begin.

Here is the entire E-Board take: http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/Equal-rights-and-true-liberty-6411109.php.

Some folks think the HERO vote should be the most important item on the ballot this November. Some folks might think the possibility of losing the Super Bowl is paramount. Other folks might think city finances are a priority. Some might think picking the next mayor should be at the top of the list. And others might think the county bonds are the most important. Some might think the constitutional amendments should be our main focus. How about infrastructure? Everyone has their own priority and we have to respect that. Pick your poison.

Evan Gattis is tied for third in MLB with seven triples. Name the player with the most triples?

The county wants us to vote this November on $848 million in bonds. I wonder how much of the bond money is earmarked for within H-Town? Does that matter? Of course it does.

The lead story on the front page of today’s Chron is about another plan to save the Astrodome. Ok.

Lisa Falkenberg writes today about the editorial cartoon in the Chron this past Sunday that depicted Sandra Bland’s funeral hearse getting pulled over by a trooper. I saw the cartoon and never gave it a second thought. Apparently a lot of folks were offended. I get their point. Some folks wrote letters to the Chron today. The cartoonist also responded. Go check out the Chron.

Kevin Kiermaier of the Rays leads MLB with 10 triples of course.

24,031 showed up at The Yard last night to see the ‘Stros win one and regain a share of first place with the Angels. We scored ten runs including dingers by Correa and Carter and Gattis’ three bagger. Tonight is Dollar Dog night so I expect a bigger crowd. 101 games and we are tied for first.

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