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At the mayoral forum a couple of nights ago, candidates were asked to name their favorite H-Town police chief of the last 36 years. A couple of candidates refused and talked about the future which I thought was chicken s__t. Answer the question! What is so difficult about answering it.

Maybe at the next forum they ought to be asked who their favorite H-Town mayor was. I am betting all but Rep. Turner would name Bob Lanier. Put some money on it?

At the All Star break, name the MLB batter who has struck out the most times?

At a future forum maybe they can be asked if they can name their favorite former council member. That is an easy one – Eleanor Tinsley. Heck, she has a park named after her.

The campaign reports were put online yesterday evening. Did you check them out?

Our own Chris Carter leads MLB in the whiff department with 115 strikeouts at the plate.

We need to make a move at first base if you ask me.

I tweeted this last night:

Marc Campos ‏@MarcCommentary 13h13 hours ago
#StandingOvation for #CaitlynJenner on #ESPYS.

It was a nice moment.

The so called second half resumes tomorrow night at The Yard.

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