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Not in Texas

The GOP’s strongest 2016 candidate for president isn’t even in the race. Instead, she is spending the morning taking down the confederate flag from her state capitol grounds.

Too bad her type of leadership isn’t a part of our state capitol crew.

The Chron E-Board takes on the confederate statues that are on the grounds of the Texas State Capitol. Here is how their take ends:

If South Carolina, the birthplace of the Confederacy, can take down the Confederate battle flag from its own capitol grounds, surely Texas can face up to the symbols of hate, division and disinformation in our midst, symbols we have come to live with for more than a century. It’s time.

Here is the entire E-Board take: http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/If-South-Carolina-can-do-it-so-can-Texas-6376443.php.

Nah! Ours are not coming down any time soon. They will stay up because they don’t want to appear that we succumbed to what the rest of America is thinking – got it.

What goes down first? The renaming of HISD schools or the renaming of H-Town streets?

Commentary mentioned yesterday that Nolan Ryan started the 1979 All Star game for the AL. Name the starting pitcher that year for the NL All Stars – hint: PA?

KPRC-TV Executive VP Jerry Martin in his editorial his morning called for leadership on city finances and said the issue should be front and center in this year’s race for mayor. Sounds familiar to me.

Ken Stabler is no longer with us. I am glad he spent a couple of seasons with the Oilers.

Check out this prediction for the second half of the season by MLB.com:


The Astros have the third-lowest average age in the big leagues, with no regulars in their current lineup or rotation older than 29. Beyond the youth is the simple fact that there’s not a whole heck of a lot of postseason experience on that Houston roster, so this team will be tested in new ways down the stretch, as it looks to put an exclamation point on what has already been a dramatic rise in the standings.

It bears repeating, though, that no team in the AL West (and perhaps no team in baseball) has a better combination of trade resources and financial flexibility than these Astros. Their farm system is deep enough to put them in play for any starting option the market might bear, and the rotation will obviously be the focus for Jeff Luhnow and Co., especially with Lance McCullers and Vincent Velasquez on track to reach unprecedented innings territory.

The Astros likely have to do something, because the Angels are looming close behind and we can’t rule out the Rangers making another run at them, too. Also, a power-reliant lineup will hit some snags, as we’ve seen this week. But I think the Astros will get it done.

Steve Carlton of course of the Phillies started for the NL All Stars in 1979.

Our lead is still at a game and a half and we have to take two of three at the Trop this weekend if we want to be in first when we return to The Yard next Friday against the Rangers.

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