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Vote Your District

How many times have you heard the phrase “vote your district” when talking about an elected official and how they are supposed to represent the folks that elect them?

Yesterday I watched H-Town City Council debate the multi-billion dollar capital improvements plan. Everybody knows we have infrastructure needs all over the city. Every council district has needs. Some district council members were pretty vocal about the needs of their districts.

I don’t see anything wrong with that. The Mayor did. Here is from the Chron today:

Houston City Council passed an $8.7 billion five-year capital improvement plan Wednesday, despite a wide-ranging and at times tense six-hour debate among district council members about perceived inequities and project delays.

Mayor Annise Parker, in her final term, said this year’s meeting marked the most contentious during her time as Houston’s top official.

She said the pushback was coming from district council members who were not considering the city’s needs, and instead advocating for equal funding across the board.

Councilmen C.O. Bradford, Michael Kubosh and Dave Martin voted against the plan.

“What you saw displayed here today is why I think it’s important that we actually have at-large council members,” Parker said. “Because the district council members were very clear that they didn’t give a damn about the whole city. They only cared about their district, and you had at least four of them say as much, and the others were in concert. My job is to present a budget and a CIP that reflects the needs of the entire city and so not all the needs are the same.”

I don’t know about that. Folks don’t want to elect lapdogs for the Mayor. They want to elect council members who will advocate for their needs. I am certainly hearing that on the trail. You can certainly make the case that advocating for your district is giving a “damn about the whole city.” That is kind of why we went single member districts back in 1979.

How many times has Nolan Ryan been a starting pitcher in a MLB All Star Game?

Remember this from the Chron a few days ago:

Mayoral spokeswoman Janice Evans said (Mayor Annise) Parker plans to bring revenue cap changes before the City Council this summer in hopes of placing something on the November ballot.

Remember a few months ago when the Ad Hoc Council Committee voted NOT to put the revenue cap issue on the ballot this November. I guess the Mayor now thinks she has the votes on Council to move forward. This ought to make the election a lot more interesting as candidates may have to take a position.

The Chron E-Board has taken a position of sorts today. Here is part of what they say:

Removing the cap isn’t politically popular, but it will likely prove to be financially necessary if the city is going to pay what it owes.

Nolan Ryan of course was the starting pitcher for the AL All Star team back in 1979.

Our lead is down to a game and a half with four games left before the All Star break.

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