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In Complaint Mode

This election season Commentary has been to numerous forums, community and civic club meetings, meet and greets, and in conversations with voters and pretty much folks are in a complaint mode. They are not satisfied with City Hall. They feel they are not being served by the City.

I saw a flyer yesterday about a town hall meeting next week that mentions higher property taxes, crime, traffic, potholes, nuisance noises – you get the picture.

Remember when the latest poll last month said 61% of H-Town likely voters said H-Town was on the right track? Who are these folks?

Is there a disconnection here or can you believe the City is on the right rack and still be a complainer?

The MLB All Star Game will be held in Cincy next week. The last time the game was played in Cincy was in 1988 at Riverfront. We only sent one player to that game – name the player? Hint: pitcher.

Then there is the story of the candidates who attended a civic club meeting and all but one left early and the one who stayed got to address the meeting and had a twenty minute conversation with the group and scored some points. Nice job.

Pitcher Bob Knepper of course was our only All Star Game player in 1988.

Our bats went silent last night and now our lead is two and a half games.

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