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The Deciders

All I can say is the U.S. Soccer team had all of us on the same page for the last week or so and everyone on twitter last night learned the definition of a hat-trick.

There is a front page story today on the school name change issue over at HISD and I guess The Deciders have decided not to put Lamar High on the hit list. Politics?

The Deciders are getting a little push back from a congressman on Davis High. Here is from the Chron:

U.S. Rep. Gene Green, D-Houston, said the schools – as well as parks, roads and other places – “have developed a history with these names that does not reflect the Confederate past.”

Green described himself as a “proud graduate” of HISD’s Jefferson Davis High School – “not because it was named for the president of the Confederacy, but because for almost 90 years it developed a history as a school in our inner-city neighborhood providing education for students from hard working, but low-income families.”

Changing the name of Davis, Green said, would be a “disservice” to alumni.

Leaders of the school’s Hispanic alumni association agree.

“That’s our school. That’s what it’s always been. We’re not Rebels,” said 1966 Davis graduate and former class president Sylvia Zepeda, who is treasurer of the association. Her prom date-turned-husband, John Zepeda, is vice president.

Two other Davis alumni – state District Judge David Mendoza and former HISD trustee and City Councilman Felix Fraga – said they prefer a new name. Schools, Mendoza said, should not honor “persons who were the leaders of the movement to perpetuate slavery and to rebel against the government.”

Mendoza, who majored in history at UH, added that he thinks schools should improve instruction in the subject. “Maybe,” he said, “that’s going to be something that comes from this.”

If you ask me, that’s a very weak defense from the congressman. I don’t think it is a disservice. And the name IS THE CONFEDERATE PAST. Jeff Davis wasn’t a North Side civic leader. Like I said on Friday, they want to change the name, not the fact that you went there.

Where are you putting your dough? On The Deciders or on the congressman. I am looking forward to seeing the congressman at the HISD board meeting defending Jeff Davis when this is brought up.

Here is the entire Chron article on the name change:

The rest of the MLB All Star squads will be announced tonight. When was the last year the ‘Stros had more than one All Star selected?

#VotedAltuve! Thanks to the ‘Stros’ GOTV Team!

From the Chron:

It’s one of the 2015 Astros’ best come-from-behind victories to date: Jose Altuve has been voted the starter at second base for the American League in the All-Star Game on July 14 in Cincinnati.

Altuve edged past Omar Infante of the Royals, whose fan base made a gigantic push to get all of its players into a starting role at the 86th All-Star game. Altuve finished with 9,634,464 online fan votes while Infante totaled 8,999,117.

“I really appreciate everything the fans do for me and the whole organization, putting all the things (together to help) to win the fan vote,” Altuve said. “I knew I was really close to Omar and I trust my fans in Houston, and the team was really pushing the fans to vote.”

Way to go to all of us who #VotedAltuve 35 times!

There was a story on the front page of the Chron’s City/State Section yesterday that was not news to Commentary. It was about the City of H-Town’s fiscal future. Bill King has been talking about this for a while now. Here is the story: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/City-financial-chief-no-longer-crying-wolf-6366657.php.

In 2009, the ‘Stros sent Miguel Tejada and Hunter Pence to the All Star game of course.

Our lead is down to three games and I think you can tell that we miss SpringerDinger. We now have the next four in Cleveland.

I don’t think I would have a problem if we changed Jeff Davis High to Carli Lloyd High. I mean, who would you rather have dinner with – Davis or Lloyd? Carli Lloyd got a personal invite from the President to visit the White House. Did Lincoln ever invite Davis over to his pad? Enough said!

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