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It looks like the Texas AG is in very hot water. Memo to fellow Dems: Do not politicize the current investigation. Let the assigned special prosecutors handle business and do their jobs. They are not partisans.

If Dems start piling on, all you are doing is giving the AG and his supporters ammo to fight back with and the next thing you know it is a GOP versus Dem deal and in a place like Collin County we lose. And don’t send out a piling on piece that also asks for money.

The special prosecutors are very able attorneys. Just let them do their business. Don’t make it political.

What was our record at the halfway point last season?

Winning sure does make for a better experience at The Yard these days. Last night we enjoyed dollar dogs and stayed for the entire three and half hours as we swept last season’s AL Champs. I am thinking the Royals might end up being our rivals over the next few years.

Now we face a test of sorts as we begin this weekend a ten game roadie that takes us through Fenway, Cleveland, and the Trop. We have a five game lead so it will be interesting to see where we are at when we reach the All Star break.

At the halfway point last season we were 35-46 and fifteen games back of course.

We may pull this off for #VoteAltuve.

It is your duty to go online before tonight and vote for Jose Altuve 35 times to make the AL All Star team starting second baseman. It will just take a few minutes of your day. Heck, everyone in my family voted! Our H-Town pride is on the line. Vote today and vote often and urge your co-workers, family, and enemies to do the same! Si se puede?

The team doesn’t return until Friday, July 17 when we host the Rangers. That’s two straight weekends without baseball at The Yard.

We have the most wins in the AL and we still are not on the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball schedule. We will get there.

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