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Ben and Sylvester

The seventh Mayoral Forum of the season was held in City Council District D last night. If you weed out the handlers, politicos, and so on, the crowd was mostly older African American – all likely voters.

The set up. At forums, State Rep. Sylvester Turner always touts his 26 years of service and his continued residence in Acres Homes. The subject of food deserts came up and Ben Hall dissed Turner’s years of service and pointed out that the best Acres Homes could do in attracting grocery stores was a Food-o-rama – suggesting that Turner’s years of service hasn’t helped much in getting better food choices in his community – ouch. I am wondering if Ben’s line of attack will continue in African American settings. Food fight anyone?

Rebuild H-Town also got smacked around last night. Council Member Steve Costello was the only defender which comes as no surprise.

Among active MLB pitchers, who has the most career shutouts?

The headline of today’s front page of the Chron: Many clerks ignore Paxton’s advice.

That doesn’t surprise me. AG Paxton is sabre rattling from the confines of his office. County Clerks are a part of the community. They didn’t run for their office to be some sort of moral authority or ideologue. They didn’t run for office so they could judge their neighbors. Good for them!

Paxton is playing to his base, but his base doesn’t represent who we are – got it?

Today is another fundraising deadline.

There is not much else you can say about NBC other than to say they did the right thing in regards to Donald Trump. No mas!

Jose Altuve made up some ground in the latest AL All Star Game balloting. I don’t know if he has enough time to catch up though.

Tim Hudson of course leads all active MLB pitchers with 13 career shutouts.

The ‘Stros now lead the AL in wins with 45. Dallas Keuchel has three career shutouts and he starts tonight against the Royals.

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