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Commentary traveled all over the country back in 2000 working for the Dem ticket. When we lost Bush v. Gore that December, I think I may have dropped a couple or so MF bombs on five of the Supremes and moved on the next day and prepared for W. Same for Citizens United.

Our state GOP leadership are acting like first class sore losers on marriage equality. The Supremes have ruled so get with it. Marriage equality exists in Texas. Same sex couples can now be legally married in Texas. It is OK to drop a few MF bombs on the Supremes. But it is now time to move on. Millions of Texans support and embrace the decision made by the Supremes. What is the point of trying to build barriers when you have already been run over?

The Texas AG put out his take yesterday saying county clerks could ignore the Supremes. I wonder how many lawyers in the AG’s office actually believe their boss and that take. That is not what they were taught in law school. That is why they call it the SUPREME Court.

You kind of get the feeling that the state’s GOP leadership are in Jade Helm mode and want the President to send in the National Guard to enforce marriage equality. That’s not going to happen as GOP county clerks throughout the state are already following the law.

I get that the state’s GOP leadership is playing to their base, but I believe the majority of Texans think it is time to look forward. And the leadership will pay a price at the polls in the future for ignoring the rule of law.

Like Lt. Governor Dan Patrick likes to say: “It’s a new day in Texas!”

Name the two teams with the best record in the AL?

Commentary doesn’t have a problem with burying the Texas Dem’s Two Step. One Step is OK with me. I wonder if they will ever do away with the precinct convention.

Commentary invested the past thirteen Sunday nights on “American Odyssey” and I feel like they left me holding a bag of sorts last night. Is that it? What happened to the kid?

Close to 140,000 fans went out to The Yard to see the ‘Stros and Yankees split four. That is pretty good.

The two best teams in the AL are the Royals at 44-28 and the ‘Stros at 44-34 of course.

The Royals and ‘Stros begin a three game series tonight at The Yard. Try to get a game in this week because after Wednesday they won’t be home until after the All Star break when they host the Rangers on Friday, July 17.

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