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Thank you, SCOTUS!

Get with it Texas!

HISD Board President Rhonda Skillern-Jones and State Sen. Rodney Ellis are taking the lead in renaming some HISD schools. Have at it. Here is from the Chron:

Rhonda Skillern-Jones said she plans to discuss the issue with her fellow trustees at an upcoming meeting. Superintendent Terry Grier added that he is “strongly considering” recommending that the board change the names.


State Sen. Rodney Ellis, D-Houston, sent a letter to the Houston Independent School District Wednesday urging the renaming of six campuses named after Confederate army officers or others tied to the Confederacy: Dowling, Jackson and Johnston middle schools and Davis, Lee and Reagan high schools.

“Remembering our past is important, especially if you want to avoid making the same mistakes,” Ellis wrote. “But we can teach our students about the evils of the past without endorsing the actions of those who fought to uphold them. When we honor hate at our schools, we teach hate to our children.”

Here is the entire piece: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/HISD-board-president-backs-changing-6350468.php.

I wonder if they are going to include slave owners from the past. How about those that supported segregation or opposed civil rights and voting rights. How about some of the folks that help found the state of Texas and nearly succeeded in making Native-Americans an extinct people. These same folks also made Texas a slave-owning state. How does one define hate? I wonder where they will draw the line. I am glad Board President Skillern-Jones and Sen. Ellis are the deciders and not me. Go for it!

Name the Yankee great who has scored the most runs as a Yankee?

Hey, if the GOP wants to have its presidential primary focus on Obamacare and same-sex marriage, go for it! Because the rest of America is leaving you behind!

Some notes from last night’s Yankee game at The Yard.

A-Roid was booed. I didn’t though.

Nobody boos Carlos Beltran these days. Folks have forgotten, maybe even forgiven, after all, it has been eleven years.

It felt like 35,000 plus were there. Actually, there were 28,000 plus change.

There was excitement in the air.

After the game the streets were packed with folks.

My Best Friend and I shared the snagging of a foul ball.

A-Roid whiffed three times.

We won four zip.

Dallas Keuchel won his ninth.

Babe Ruth of course leads all Yankees with 1,959 runs scored.

It is going to be hopping at The Yard tonight for sure as our lead is now five.

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