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Good ‘Ol Boys

Don’t waste your time complaining to the new sheriff about his throwing a no-no against women regarding his command staff. Instead, complain to Hunker Down, after all, he wanted this fella because he possessed “gravitas.” Hey, if the new sheriff wants to hand us an issue on a gold platter in next year’s election, let him. That is not a very smart move on his part. I wonder if Hunker Down agrees.

Here is from the Chron:

The lack of women in leadership roles is worth noting because representation in the top ranks promotes a message about equity, provides role models and boosts morale, said Danielle Flanagan, an instructor of criminal justice at West Texas A&M University who studied women in policing in the Texas panhandle.

While it is common for a new sheriff to assemble a fresh lineup, Hickman’s first several assignments prompted fears among deputies and civil rights advocates that he was retreating to a leadership style of a bygone era.

Here is the Chron front page article on the female snub:

Now that’s what I call gravitas – baby!

The Yankees are in town for four. Name the former MLBer who has played in the most games all time as a Yankee?

If the Supremes rule for same sex marriage, the Harris County Clerk is going to take his sweet time in issuing marriage licenses. What is the point? Playing to your base? Not a smart move. Here is the Chron article on the delay of game, err playing games:

State Sen. Rodney Ellis in a Chron Op-Ed today is calling for HISD to look at changing the names of some of the schools that are named after Johnny Reb players. I don’t have a problem. Of course, one of the biggest alumni groups is the Jeff Davis Alumni. They have some pretty prominent players. I wonder what they think about this. Here is from the Sen. Ellis piece:

As an extremely diverse school district in the most diverse city in the nation, the names of our community schools should not lionize men who dedicated themselves to maintaining the ability of one human to own another. I hope that the board will use this unique opportunity to move the district in a new direction and away from a discriminatory past by creating a process to review and consider renaming schools named after Confederate stalwarts.

Here is the entire piece:

There is another mayoral forum today. This one is at the River Oaks Country Club.

Derek Jeter of course was on the field for 2,747 games wearing the pin stripes.

We are still four games up and start a seven game homie against two of the better teams in the AL. The Yankees and the Royals.

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