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Last night Bill King interviewed with the Harris County Tejano Democrats. He was asked a diversity question. Bill responded by letting Tejano Dems know that his campaign was the only H-Town mayoral campaign with senior Latino staff/consultants – two. Both also happen to be members of Tejano Dems. The other six campaigns have nada! Blah, blah, blah. What is the hold-up?

Then I got this:

James Cardona ‏@txdem74 2m2 minutes ago
@MarcCommentary @BillKingForHou @TejanoDemocrats Maybe he doesn’t know what Latino means. -Finance Director, Steve Costello for Mayor

Well that is one. Show me the others.

The drainage fee got some run in today’s Chron. This part stood out:

City Attorney Donna Edmundson disputed the notion that the city could not collect the drainage fee if the trial court finds the ballot language was misleading, pointing out that the lawsuit targets the charter amendment, not the ordinance City Council later passed to begin collecting the fee.

“The ruling by the Texas Supreme Court regarding the language for the Proposition 1 charter amendment has no bearing on whether the drainage ordinance continues,” Edmundson said. “The enabling ordinance adopted by City Council created the drainage utility and accompanying monthly fee that finances the streets and drainage program. For this reason, the ongoing legal dispute has no impact on the city budget for the coming fiscal year or the five-year Capital Improvement Program City Council will consider on Wednesday.”

South Texas College of Law professor Matthew Festa said that if the charter amendment is struck down and the city continues to collect the fee, it begs the question why they sent it to voters in the first place.

“It might be a technically correct legal argument,” Festa said. “But it might not be prudent to continue implementing a law where the basis on which the law is enacted is in grave doubt.”

That is not too smart if you ask me. Legally she might be right but politically it would be a huge blunder.

Here is the entire article: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/houston/article/ReBuild-lawsuit-could-halt-road-projects-6345148.php.

Name the team with the lousiest record in MLB this morning?

Johnny Reb continues to take a hit. The Chron E-Board wants to rename Dowling Street and four HISD Schools.

UT is reviewing its statues.

Retailers are pulling the Johnny Reb stuff off of their shelves.

And Lisa Falkenberg puts out a take.

Do the right thing!

Philly of course is at 26-47 and has the lousiest record in MLB.

Last night was fun. How can you not enjoy a 13 runfest! We now have a four game lead and end the roadie this afternoon.

And how about this tweet:

Alyson Footer retweeted
Dan Clasgens ‏@DanClasgens 2h2 hours ago
Carlos Correa is the 10th 20-year-old to hit at least 4 HR in first 15 career games, joining Ted Williams, Frank Robinson & Orlando Cepeda.

He is in good company.

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