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Johnny Reb

The Johnny Reb flag is taking a well deserve beating these days.

Yesterday I watched a very moving and powerful announcement.

I am talking about watching South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley on the flat screen as she announced the Confederate flag will no longer fly on the grounds of the state capitol as she was surrounded by Republicans and Democrats. She looked strong and decisive as she delivered a powerful message.

She made a lot of the GOP prez candidates look goofy.

Then Walmart said Johnny Reb paraphernalia would no longer be on their shelves.

Now folks are setting their sights on anything related to Johnny Reb while singing “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.”

The Jeff Davis statue at UT? The Mississippi flag.

Here in H-Town we have schools named after Robert E. Lee, Jeff Davis, and Stonewall Jackson. Should they be goners? I would not have a problem if they got the boot.

What is next? Five flags over Texas?

There really wasn’t any news yesterday in the race for H-Town Mayor. The next forum is this Thursday.

How many Royals were in the AL All Star team starting lineup last year?

Pete Rose will never get in to the Hall of Fame. I wonder if the Reds will let him have role in this year’s All Star game festivities. Hope not. I am really tired of his act.

Royals catcher Salvador Perez was the only Royals starter in last year’s All Star Game of course and he was actually a replacement.

In the latest All Star game voting, the Royals are leading in seven positions.

We lost last night and now lead by three.

Ready for the Yankees?

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